Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spanish Sunday

May this photograph of Maria Albaicin (for sale, here) becalm a friend who is shouting, what why is there nothing on Giulia's site yet? Must be kidding, but still. Here is José Andrés Made In Spain website. He's tweeting his great big heart out from South Africa. Also, one of my favorite sites, Flamenco World.

Ow. I think I'm being sworn at now. I really must learn Spanish & Catalan. Olé!

Update, 9:02pm EDT-Have just been informed that I did not say, "Congratulations to Spain." That's what this post is, fer Pete's sake. I know some very bossy people. It's karma.


Penney said...

Great blk n white photo!..
Reminds to tell you..
just bought an amazing CD of Ottmar Liebert ..
Nuevo Flamenco
Check out all his wonderful music..

Giulia said...

Ah yes, Barcelona Nights. I saw him play about ten years ago here (in DC). Very nice.