Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Circus in Three Rings

Circus-y things. Pignouf's lovely Vintage Poster site (in French but you'll get it, really you will). Also Vintage Circus tumblr, is here. An intriguing post at The Clever Pup (August 2009) about Carnivàle Lune Bleue. Highly recommended reading. Note new film starring Jane Birkin & Sergio Castellito, Around a Small Moutain...opening soon near you.

Now, to creep across town to hair rescue center...wearing frizzy Heidi braids. As always, I'll run into someone I know on the way. On the way back? Are you kidding? Nope. Here's hoping I can commune with the Itinerant Poetry Librarian, here; or somehow celebrate Bastille Day with a sister who is celebrating (or not?) her natal day. Or...I have no idea. It is a circus here now.

Update - Thursday afternoon. The circus continues & I actually have things to report, photographs to post. Alas. So if you see photographs/posts later & think, no way. I was over here & these weren't here then. You will be correct, not mad. (Well...) Anyway, I'm going to post-date some things...playing with & for time. It makes one feel free & powerful (though it be a false notion).

[circus images in Freiburg by Thomas Totz; Solveig Dommartin in Wings of Desire, via tumblr]



i love your blog~! Very inspirational.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Susan
Love these images.... always love Pignouf's posters too.. think I found her via you...

Well feels like a circus at my place also... or a maze!

Catch you soon... Happy Birthday to your sister! xxx Julie

PIGNOUF said...

Merci Giulia :)

Amber said...

Amazing photos. We have circuses arriving in my little town in Sweden at this time of the year. It is funny to see circus tents which are bigger than some of the houses! You have inspired me to take some worthy photos- thanks!

Giulia said...

GOMA+SACHIE- I sent you an email (as you know); your blog is lively & wildly amusing. I will be visiting again soon.

Julie--I hope you recover soon from the move. We, too, have discussed this via email but I feel compelled to say that I think I "found" Pignouf on The Clever Pup. An instinct towards quality & "interestingness" has our Pup.

Pignouf: de rien, je vous en prie, my pleasure....xx

Amber: You must must must go take some shots of this, yes. I'm not the only one who would love to see this...esp. if you can contrive to show the diff. in sizes between houses & tents. Even if not, pls do. I'm coming right over in email to urge (pester) you again. I hope you left your email.

Déborah said...


and your blog is truly beautiful
I love all the oldies + artistic references.

will be back! :)

Penney said...

Lovely, colorful Pignouf! I'd xo to see the pigtails of course.
Stay cool..
xo, Penney

Giulia said...

You will nevair see zee peegtailz. (OK, maybe sometime:), P.

Deborah--lovely blog & I left a comment. xo