Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Faiblesses (Part I)

She had all of philosophy, save its moroseness, and all of nature, save its defects and general 'faiblesse'; or if some portion of 'faiblesse' attached to her, it only served to render her more forbearing to the errors of others. Lord Byron

It is too hot for serious industry & so I shall cheer on the Uruguayan World Cup team without worrying about a to-do list that would have 'heatstroke' as the finale. Attention to my switch of affections, Mary-Laure at AUREA, before re-alerting all of South America (via Twitter) of my idiocy & possibly sending a Uruguayan mob my way.

(However. If they look like the team, send them here immediately. I am not the only person to have noticed. "Hey, the Uruguayan World Cup players...is there an additional requirement of hotness, as well as athletic prowess, to make that team?!", said a friend who doesn't give a fig for the game. Hey, I do not know. Hey, I'd like to find out. Listening to a radio program in which a gentlemen precedes nearly every sentence with 'hey.' Why not a random 'olé!' for fun? He'd never be invited again but... Yes, I am easily amused & that can be a good thing when you take the Metro as much as I do.)

These (random) images are more manageable faiblesses (both blogs, of course, indicate my faiblesse-ness over & again.). Provenance is attached to the photograph if available; if you hover over it or click to enlarge, there it is, along with faiblesse title. I will put in more links in direct proportion to the error reports received for this post. (All the links are fine as far as McAfee is concerned; it's my Feedburner account that is a mess. Google Overlords are adamant that we advertise for them. (If that's too geeky for you, do not worry. I barely understand it.)

Hey! Olé!


AB said...

What will you do now? How about Netherlands? Now? Have a heart--you do have one, I know.

Giulia said...

I remain neutral & well wishes to both teams. I'll see YOU in email. Oh, & I've had my heart removed, have you not heard?