Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Plage de temps

To make a 'beach of time' - as in carving out much-needed restorative time to be...it needn't be at a beach or near water of any sort. Or more than 10 minutes, perhaps. It's a saying. So brilliant those French (don't tell them I said so, though). [Olga's umbrellas, same as on GG on Holiday] ciao.

Update - Monday evening, 5 July 2010. It is over 100-freaking-Fahrenheit degrees. In some places near here it was 108F. At a certain point, however, over 100, it's damn hot. Worse to follow this week. The ocean was lovely but a distant memory & it's not been a week yet. So. Perhaps people will hop over to Julie's site & click some worthy links. Oof.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are getting away for a break! Enjoy yourself, don't miss GG too much. Btw: I love the shade of blue on that umbrella!

Giulia said...

Thanks, T. I am having a great time...I do miss GG, though. She's coming with me next time. Must write cheesy bestseller memoirs! That umbrella shade is one of my favorites...xo

Diane said...

Hey - are you having a good time? hope you are loving every minute and catching sights of lots of shorebirds. I love terns, how they dive, dagger-like.

Giulia said...

Alas, I am home, hiding out,undecided about which silly thing I want to post next. So I think I'll go watch a movie.

Oh, I love terns, too. Saw lots & a few variety of egrets, as well. I do love to say the word 'egret.' It's quite a fun word.

Mary-Laure said...

Your secret about admiring the French is safe with me........... I had never reflected upon that expression.

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Those french sure have all the answers to life... huh??
Thanks for stopping by! and sharing what's happening in garden centers near you.
Have a great 4th....the fireworks must be amazing down there!

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I'm glad I shared my fireworks with you. I've just discovered that you're in bandages. I didn't know. I hope you're feeling better, S.

Catherine xx

svs said...

M-L - Oh I know you will keep my secrets. You only Twittered to the world that I'd abandoned Uruguay WCup team. I'm teasing you. I'm all ready with blue jeans & white linen shirt to root them on tomorrow.

Carole -- Oh, well, the French have many answers but not all. The honest ones would be the first to tell you (& there are lots of honest ones.) They just act like they do; in this manner, similar to the Italian bella figura. I confess to doing so as well. Whatever it takes, sometimes, it just must be.

Yes, the fireworks are spectacular here but alas, I was not well enough to go. Much unattractive self-pity, sniff. I wish I could visit your greenhouses...I wish I had one myself. But, I'll have to write a novel or poem in which this is occurs.

Catherine -- oh no. I emailed you but don't know how often you check it. I was joking that my spectacular & unexplained weight gain had rendered beach-appropriate clothing useless. I mused on purchasing half-bolt of gauze-y fabric, winding self in Q-tip manner...

I'll post pretty photographs soon w/little text (I hear cheering, that is not nice!).