Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Shopping - Sailor Stripes

I hate to see people taken advantage of. Ending on a preposition & I do not care. My mother dressed me in these (& sailor collars) from about 3 weeks old - yes, I remember. Late last night, I flipped through a J. Crew catalogue; they've been pestering me with their 20% off emails (one offer ends today - I shall let it go, please read on). In one scenario, a stick-insect girl (not like egret-girl--there is a difference) dripping in frippery. Twisted behind her, a suspiciously familiar striped shirt. I thought: eh what? Only on-line. Hmmm. I just looked.

The Saint James shirt is more expensive than buying it from France (including shipping!). Mine are from France & I did not pay these amounts, so I'm cheesed off on behalf of others. Depending on the number of items purchased the weight, etc. you might be assessed customs/douane. But if you're in the market for one shirt, for heaven's sake do not buy it through J.Crew. Here's a link to Brittany-boutique. It must be the connection between Brittany & Wales. My Welsh is up. Fume.

If you want to buy a coat or several shirts, it may well do to break up your purchases. E-mail the nice guy who runs the shop. If you're in NYC or will be & just cannot wait, well go for it at Saint James boutique. Who am I to tell you that instant gratification is wrong? But I'm not linking to them (unless they buy me off with a free shirt. I'm only half-kidding. But I'd tell you, I really would.).

If you want a similarly made/designed striped shirt, go looking--they're ubiquitous. But I'm telling you, most of the fashionista sites are showing shirts over $USD85 (or made by enslaved people). A good place to look is agelessbeautyalways or go ask Sasha at Liberty London Girl for responsible & fashionable recommendations.

More important: it's the 66th anniversary of D-Day--the Normandy Invasion. If you think that's ancient history, I submit that you are out of your mind. Go stand on those beaches & imagine a cold, horrible Tuesday (it was) with all those Allied soldiers & sailors waiting to wade into that. I can barely think about it. (See? Flaming liberals have feelings.) I decided not to do posts on Giulia Geranium (here's last year's - June 6, 1945 - Only the Beginning ) or here this year. Still...

Back to work. I'll be seeing you.

(photographs via brittany-boutique (dot) com/Audrey T. from a cute site Pink Peony--to the author: props to you for discussing cruelty-free diamonds)


The Clever Pup said...

Giulia - je t'aime. Thanks for the links. Don't buy them from LL Bean either. I was sadly disappointed with the quality of the fabric.

Re DDay. There was a Bell Telephone commercial up here in Canada with a teenaged hiker on the beaches of Normandy who phone his Granddad just to say thank you. It was a tearjerker. I'm tearing up now.

Giulia said...

Well, I'm glad to hear of another place not to buy them. Thanks, Pup. Le Petit Bateau isn't bad but I've not bought from them in I don't know where they're making them these days.

Oh god, the commercials. I've been blubbering all last night & today with research stuff. Hence, the vehemence re: the Breton shirts. I should've put in a label "it's not really about the shirts" as I did with Summer Sandals...but it sort of is...

Cheers, pup.

Prippy Handbook said...

I was just in the J.Crew in Georgetown and was taken aback by the Saint James shirts for sale. They mark up their "partners" products, including Timex, Levi's, and Barbour. It is a bit ridiculous when I myself would just prefer the original.

For inexpensive sailor stripes, there is an abundance at H&M.

Giulia said...

Yes, hello there Prippy. The problem with H&M though (for me) is that so much of their stuff is made in countries I do not want to support with purchases (though it is difficult to always do this).

However, H&M is indeed an option & often a good one. I made a great buy there last September with a huge scarf that looked hand-knit, made by non-slave (I hope) & was constantly stopped & asked if I knit it. High praise indeed for something that went with an old thrift shop raincoat & unaccountably went with it so well, it looked planned.

For my stripes, I go to the source. Thanks for stopping by & I will make sure to recommend Sasha at MAC to DC-area beauties. xo