Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Swedish Midsummer Mystery

I love this photograph by Olga, taken in Sweden. It brings to mind an Inspector Wallander book (& PBS series with a brilliant turn by Kenneth Branagh as Kurt Wallander) & waving fields of golden-yellow flowers...on a midsummer's eve.* The series is shot in a rarely-seen part of Sweden & it's beautiful, wistful, melancholy, tortured, etc. So of course, I love it. (When you're finished reading Stieg Larrson's (sadly) final book, check out Henning Mankell's series, if you've not already done so.)

Speaking of Sweden, Anne's Food, written by Anne (surprise) in Stockholm has excellent (impressively organized) easy-to-print recipes & wonderful photographs. Mother to an adorable baby boy, Titus, who made the scene in May 2009. She has cats. Her profession is "political secretary." All very intriguing & I've only had 3 years to find out more. Here are Anne's labels for 'midsummer'; it may be too late to bake/make anything now...but who says you can't do it later? Don't get into too much trouble tonight.

*Depending on where you are (sorry Antipodean friends, for being so Northern-centric).

[second image via
Jane Austen's World - also a wonderful blog. I know. You're thinking, wha??? What's that got to do with Jane Austen. Well, go visit & find out!]


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

You've been posting at a fast clip this week. I need to write you into my calendar as the place to be just so I have time to visit all of your links. Maybe Friday night will be my date this week with Bricolage.

I've never seen a yellow field like that, or the lavender fields of Provence. I've seen fields of bluebonnets but I'd rather not.

Thanks for sending along the Agatha Christie quote. Hope you're feeling better, S.


Penney said...

I absolutely loved this vista of Sweden.. It's so warm and inviting.
You're on a roll, I agree. Love it..
I will try and take better care to catch you!

Giulia said...

Hi Catherine & Penney.

Oh, it's a release thing after working on other stuff. Plus getting photographs up & going makes the week more orderly. Sort of.

I've always wanted to see a field of bluebonnets (in person), C. But not to live where they flourish in that manner. (Visiting, yes.)

Thanks to you both...I know people look but they often don't comment. I guess I should be more welcoming but honestly, I feel weird asking people what they think & comment. those who hectored me to take comments no longer leave them. I find that odd. Oh well.

Angie Muresan said...

Those mustard yellows make me happy. I don't know what it is about certain colors, but I smile widely when I see them.

Giulia said...

Yes, I know. It's just that instant jolt. We're hardwired for blue apparently, but then the's individual. I can't wear most yellows (well, I can but it's a hideous sight) I tend to put yellow flowers, other objets around apt. Or things like yellow flats I had for years & still mourn. Pappagallo & other makers don't do so any longer.