Monday, June 28, 2010

Juliet & Giulia

Yesterday, I worried that I would have to walk on the beach in my long white nightgown (if the gigantic gauze bandage idea doesn't work out). Today, I have many errands & writing "The Care & Feeding of Julie" for my friend Susan, who valiantly volunteered to stay here while I'm away. I won't be away long. It's that Julie (aka Giulia, Giulietta) has always been with me wherever I go. Susan asked me, "What can I do so that you will go away & not worry?" She has so many things to do & places she has to be in the next days/months. But she still wanted to help the drama queen sitting across the conference table. Gulp.

Earlier that day, the subject of a Romeo & Juliet film came up--not sure how. Susan reached into the air, snapping her fingers, oh I love the one, I haven't seen it in so long, by by by & I said, "Oh, Franco Zeffirelli's. He's an opera director, too." (I'm trying to ignore that he joined the Forza Italia party--ugh. Let's hope he sees the error of his ways.) Olivia Hussey inspired me to grow my hair (very long) & as often happens, drama turned to comedy.

A few years later, I returned from France with headaches. Many doctor visits, tests.
Diagnosis: this girl's hair is too long & heavy. She's rather small, how does she hold her head up? (Well, that was unnecessary, Il Signore Dottore. Harumph.) Remedy: Off with her hair. I wanted to shriek, but all the boys love my hair. No, I would never have said it. I was stoic.

Today, quite by coincidence, one of my best blog friends, the inimitable Tina Tarnoff has posted "My Favorite Juliet" Some of you know about the Sylvie Guillem ballerina papercut Tina sent as a surprise last holiday time. Also, her husband Terry Tarnoff has a fascinating account of his years as an expatriate, here. Terry is at work on a new novel, set in 1948; Tina is helping with research & is coming up with fabulous images. And entertaining the rest of us, too. What a pair (but not tragic, thank goodness)!

Mille grazie & baci to Susan for looking after my Giulietta.

PS: That lovely, beautiful boy who played Romeo, Leonard Whiting, is so often ignored. That's not nice; here's a fansite for both of them that passes the no-pop up/spam test (according to McAfee).

[photograph via an unidentified tumblr/we heart it]


tina tarnoff said...

Ha! Off with her hair! Hmm, I never thought that one's heavy hair could be the cause of headaches. Thanks for the lovely mention! xoxo

Giulia said...

You're welcome. I always enjoy linking to you--you do the heavy lifting:)

Headaches - yep. I was stoic. Sold it. (There were no locks of love thingies then.)


Penney said...

This was a favorite movie of mine. Don't laugh.
Maybe I need to cut my locks also, no?
Take care, don't worry.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I was crazy, crazy, crazy for this movie when I was growing up. I wrote to Paramount every week and they sent me 8x10 glossies. I had about 25 of them but they got ruined in our cellar when the pipes leaked in the closet. I still have the program and the LP. I memorized every word and also had a hat made like one of Juliet's caps. I'd wear it to school and of course the kids laughed. Thanks for the memory.


Giulia said...

Oh Catherine, you're so wonderful. I was pretty good at doing things like writing to people, but I never thought to write & receive the film glossies. I love that you wore the Juliet cap no matter what anyone said. This is why I so admire you. Mary-Laure of AUREA blog latest post reminds me of this...I hope you see it. She's wearing a fab headband, very Alice, around Paris while visiting her family. She's getting lots of stares...& I'm so very glad she doesn't care. I'm going to check & see if she is on your blog, if not to send you her link. She's like you in this respect. As soon as I lose enough weight, I will go back to wearing what I like.

I love your response. I hope you visit Tina's lovely My Juliet post.