Monday, June 7, 2010

That's Richard & Elizabeth to You

& me. Not Liz & Dick! Some of Richard Burton's love letters to Elizabeth Taylor are in the July 2010 Vanity Fair. This is not news, I know. I look forward to receiving my copy; yes, I take it, don't judge! (With the hideous images, descriptions of human rights abuses I have to read & gaze upon...eye candy is what I need, baby.) When there is a highly-publicized VF cover, sometimes it does not arrive in my mailbox. (Grace Kelly arrived in May, so I have hope.) Monday night update: nope not here; it's on the stands. Hmmm.

I can't believe I'm posting these but the couple loomed large when I was little. Anyway, the "Liz & Dick," "Dick & Liz" is annoying. When one is preoccupied with more important matters, small things can grate. So that's my excuse to post photographs of them. (Yes, of course it's also because Burton was Welsh.)

Very few images are attributed, oddly. Some of the black & white are by Gjon Mili in LIFE archives; the others are from The Burtons - a tumblr blog. It's fun, pay a visit. And though there's a super-mushy song playing behind it, here's a well-done, high quality YouTube tribute to E&R. Very clear & beautiful photographs, many I'd not seen before. So on a June Monday, have a little fun.


Penney said...

They were..a handsome couple, eh? I think they really did adore each other So much for egos and 19 inch waistlines!!!!

Giulia said...

You cannot fake that chemistry. But when alcoholism is involved, forget it. I like that they aren't perfect looking actually...lots of pix of them not airbrushed, E. with a bit of tummy, etc. They were getting on a bit, near the end (his end) after all...neither seemed to notice or mind--I like to think it anyway.

Angie Muresan said...

I think they look sweet together. Too bad about the alcohol, though.

One Womans Thoughts said...

I'm not sure exactly what it is about some people that fascinates us. Make that fascination into a relationship and WOW . . . I agree that this was an intense and passionate love affair that many people fantasize about. Add in the spices of celebrity, ego, alcohol and lust.
Thank you for stopping by and your kind support.

Suse said...

I met her once - she was giving a speech at the National Press Club for AMFAR, 1991. Her eyes really are violet - I checked. Amazing beauty.

Giulia said...

Suse--I wonder if we were at the same function? Could be. I met her too but also in a bar...later, later. (She was not drunk, nor was I.)

I just took out a bunch of stuff...I'll write to you or here about that later.