Thursday, June 17, 2010

Can't Find My Way Home

Steve Winwood. Someone asked me yesterday who I'd seen in concert the most times. I answered quickly, Bruce Springsteen. The first time in a union hall (yes) when I was very young. On my way home today, arriving here only due to an end-of-the-line train & muscle memory, I realized the borrowed-indefinitely-iPod (but the music is mine) was playing over & over & over Blind Faith's original version of above. SW's membership in several groups at such an early age & the fact that I went to concerts (alone if necessary) when I was quite a baby face, too, means it was Steve I saw in concert more than any other person. (Well, it matters to me. I don't know why.)

I decided to see what Steve was up to. Well, well. A new BBC Documentary & Concert was announced recently & it will be on tomorrow night. Jealous North Americans have been assured that a video stream is in the works. The excellent SW official site, & a bit blurry but good video shot by a guy at the Academy of Music in Milan in 2008. It was meant to be.

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A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Bruce for me too...but I'm a Jersey girl. Big Steve Winwood fan too. Thanks for the info!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear Susan

As you know I now 'CAN find my way home' thank goodness!!!

Funny you say you played Bruce over and over... many moons ago I was travelling with some friends and all they played over and over in the car was Bruce!! a bit too much for one week.. I always joke they put me off him!! hahaha

Glad you have your music!!! xxx Julie

Angie Muresan said...

I've only seen Bruce in concert once. So long ago that it seems I was a child.

Giulia said...

Catherine--yeah, this was in PA...on his regular route back then. I remember we always used to call Steve Winwood, "Stevie" back then. Possibly that was a nickname for a while. I miss the Jersey shore. Gulp.

Julie--Yes, but I was playing Steve Winwood over & again.:) I have such a wide range of interests & music, that I would never subject others to just one person (even Bruce or Steve). But Bruce does rule, sorry:)

Angie--So then my Winwood trip must make you feel really young (possibly pre-natal)! I was young. I can't believe I just went off to those concerts, often alone. But it was perfectly safe--as safe anything else I did really. Just took myself on a streetcar; no need for adults. I was older than they were anyway.

Penney said...

I saw Bruce just once, and will never get over the good, old fashioned rock n roll.. love "Stevie" also..
have a super weekend..