Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On the Phone - Charmed, I'm Sure

I will call, just a moment. Keep repeating to self: Go to the party, you idiot cow. What is wrong with you?" Oh, I should be kinder to self? As in, I never speak to people the way I speak to myself. Right. What could be so scary? You've done this most of your life. Why didn't I read the book beforehand? Shall not pretend to have done so. Shall remain calm in manner of Bridget...oh no, that wasn't charming. Funny, yes. Goal: no funny business (tonight). Especially no unintentional slapstick. No, you absolutely cannot go in nightgown & ballet slippers. Only maniacs, people under 20, & Julian Schnabel wear their pajamas at public events.


[images of AH (except AH reading book) via Lia Chang's Backstage Pass blog. A new-to-me scanner/printer sits just where it did more than 2 weeks ago when a friend dropped it off. Of course it does. AH reading book by Mark Shaw; in pjs, by Alfred Eisenstaedt, both via LIFE Archives]


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I never go to parties. I cringe at invitations. Six people (I know well) in one room is all I can handle. I used to worry that that was strange. Actually, I worried that other people would think it strange. Who cares? I'm perfectly happy with my books, my art, and the squirrel who visits every day.

I do wish you'd post more pink unicorns and rainbows. Ha! You had me laughing...again.


Giulia said...

Hi Catherine...oh you're not weird.

For me, it depends on what's happening that day, week, hour; in this case I worried over nothing (as usual). There are times, though, when I really do need to go to things; I don't have a representative in the world & need to make a living. Julie resents being asked to go out at the last minute. Especially is I won't spring for a pink unicorn to ride.

Cheers, C.


Giulia said...

PS: I envy you your squirrel...I love them.