Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hardwired for Blue

I am, that's for sure. Here are some random images with/of blue from a folder; but not the monochromes of Yves Klein, currently on exhibition in Washington, DC at the Hirshhorn. Here are two related Washington Post articles (with illustrations) about Yves Klein, his blue, & other blues. I am beyond I look at blue(s). It's not even a choice, really. I'm waiting for the crowds to clear out (ha) before I go to the exhibit.

I was going to put in links to tumblr & other image sites using blue Too many to check out tonight. Read up on Yves & yes, I know the top shot has a lot of violet in it.

[images backward (!): sunbrella by Olga; blue (with green) room, blue window, gull take-off, & diptych on deviant art, via we heart it.


Angie Muresan said...

I do love the image of that bed tucked in like that. Lovely.

Giulia said...

I know, isn't that cool? And I'm the claustrophic one...but this does not bother me. We shall psychoanalyze this at another time. Eh? (I'm starting to sound like a Canadian, not that that's a bad thing.)