Friday, June 11, 2010

Taking Off

A Great egret taking off. I'd like to grab hold & go with him. Alas, eh. I'm running late. I thought today was Thursday until late last night. If that makes any sense. Friend awaits, I'm wearing a new Liberty of London via Target top & worry that I look like an over-sized cupcake (or a chubby peacock). Here's Naomi Watts wearing it in Elle & here's the link to order if any are left. I await one more item; I ordered in early March but they've just restocked.

Update: GOAL! South Africa scored the first goal of the World Cup a few moments ago. I care, that's who. And Univision is coming in clearly, learning sports Spanish, excellent. (No cable.)
So, real stuff later. [image via Birds of Assateague.]


Angie Muresan said...

I am sure you look like nothing of those, so please stop worrying. Have fun with your friend.

Giulia said...

You're too nice but I'm takin' it - I will have fun. ciao Angie.

Penney said...

I checked their site out a couple months back and there were no peacock prints left! My fav!! It's just adorable, like you..
This lovely bird beats the heck out of my Roadrunners!


Giulia said...

Penney--they just restocked. So see if any are left. I ordered mine in early March & had to re-order as they were out-of-stock. Then somehow they decided they could make some more.