Sunday, June 20, 2010

La Grotta Azzurra

Here's an article I missed when first published in The Guardian, about a favorite writer, Shirley Hazzard, who is (or was in 2006) living part-time in Italy (again). This time on Capri. It's always been the south for her & her late genius husband, Francis Steegmuller, another favorite. For that alone--diluting the Tuscany-festish--I salute them. Hazzard's memoir Greene on Capri is compressed & in crystalline prose, as always. The photochrom travel series from the Library of Congress is lovely & public domain, so give it a visit & post some of their images if it suits. There are two images on Julie's site today from Capri, as well. A hat tip to the LOC; their blog is in the right sidebar under writers, readers.

No hat tip to the Azzurri - they couldn't stop an admittedly terrific & determined Kiwi team. Congratulations to friends in Welly. I'm making myself sick by being such a good sport. In fact, I am not very well & will be putting up a postal break soon. Cheers.


PIGNOUF said...

Nice post !
Amicalement ...:)

Giulia said...

Pignouf! That post is so lovely. I have not seen those images before (I hang my head in shame). Seriously, though, this might help me with a project. So you've helped me very much & it was so very nice to hear from you, too.



Julie@beingRUBY said...

Dear Susan
Well.. I just love this!!! fantastic.. captures that surreal feel when boating in the grotto.. although mine was via a tour so too many pesky tourists!!! me included!!

great image.. just love it.. such a calm feel!! xxx Julie