Monday, October 4, 2010

What to Wear to a Mad Tea Party

Look at what arrived from England for my recent birthday. (The headband, silly!) Thinking, thinking, did I order something? In my State of Penury? No & it was not a familiar UK address either. Ta da! It was a Chatham Girl gift from a fellow Alice fancier. I am thrilled by the eccentricity.

Zara Carpenter is the witty woman behind Chatham Girl. I meant to ask if she is the redhead wearing the Alice Bow but she is busy fine-tuning her new autumn line*, so I'll leave that for another time. Zara is definitely one-of-a-kind & I wager a fabulous person with whom to take tea, mad or otherwise. If you fancy something custom-made, contact Zara--she'd be happy to make something special for you.

I so wanted to be photographed wearing this but if I wait to corral a photographer, it could be months. How did that happen?

*Chatham Girl is currently busy working on lots of fanciful treasures for the Autumn/ Winter season. Inspiration comes from artists and writers such as Mark Ryden, Edward Gorey, Oscar Wilde, Lewis Carroll and Angela Carter to name just a few. (photograph via Chatham Girl, used with permission)


Katharine said...

Ah, a good dose of English eccentricity for you. So very glad. I love Zara's work having one of the 'Sailor' berets. Eagerly await her new autumn/winter line. Just what the doctor ordered. You must find someone to take a photograph. Is Julie wanting to wear it?


Diane said...

Tie one on!

I like that, 'mad or otherwise'. Today I am not otherwise; mad.

Also like your Hopper insight.

Art imitating art.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

I return from exile.. at least temporarily.... I see you are still celebrating birthday... good to hear!! I say they should last for months!!!

Love love love the Hopper in your last post.. will have to go search out Hopper now!!!

Hope you and kitty are just dandy!!! ciao xxx Julie

Giulia said...

Katharine--Oh I'd love to see you in the beret. I've been trying about's so frustrating. Yes, Julie wants to wear it. She wants to play Alice in a video. But the video camera I borrowed isn't working. I could scream but too tired.

Diane--Thanks so much. I'm not tying one on lately. But I had wine. That counts lately.:)

Julie--Oh, I'm not celebrating, believe me. But I'm celebrating cool stuff that made its way here. And I must admit that I loved the photograph & when Zara said 'absolutely, use it', I could not resist. I hope you internetty-youtublette problems resolve themselves soon. You are missed. xo

Angie Muresan said...

That is one fun headband! I'd love to wear one like it, just for the heck of it, really.

Giulia said...

Angie--the person who sent it has indeed worn it for the heck of it & looks as cute as the proverbial button. The bow also slips off to be used in other manner. I've been looking at photos, mag layouts trying to envision the different ways to use it. It's so well-made, too. Just perfect.

Mary-Laure said...

I'm happy you liked it. I find Zara amazingly talented and creative, as well as really friendly. A true British eccentric, no?

Giulia said...

Mille grazie, Mary-Laure. She is wonderfully eccentric, yes. And very friendly indeed. Eager to see what she does for autumn. The list of people who are inspiring her makes the mind reel (in a good way:)