Friday, October 1, 2010

Week's End - Be Counted

The art of looking chic while taking to the streets has long been neglected.

There's a march in Washington tomorrow (Saturday, 2 Oct.) I'm really not feeling up to it but it's one of those "Must Be Counted" times. Plus, I live here. Therefore, much playing of upbeat music & so on. (Sorry Smiths, you gotta cool it for tonight.) Already, one plan is blown & I must contact the person who said, oh they'll be open. How could Teaism by the WH be closed tomorrow? Well, they are. Have they no respect for capitalism? They sell tea. Oh I was going to enjoy sitting there before trudging off to the Lincoln Memorial. I am easily amused, yes. I have never denied it.

This is a scanned birthday card I received recently. Inside a friend wrote, 'svs circa 1967' Yep. I will be less flashy tomorrow (& yet somehow looking so very youthful). Here's an amusing column from The Guardian last November. (What should I wear to a protest march?) Cheers. It's nearly 6pm & there's a decent malbec nearby.



simon said...

sometimes you have to put yourself first in life. if you are not feeling great, perhaps a quiet cup of tea rather than a march is better? ( mind you when I feel "less" I work more..ahaha)
thats you inthe photo? great!

Giulia said...

Yes, but no:) It's not going to be that bad. I'm just whining...Plus, I can do both.

No, not me in photo. That's a scan of a birthday card I rec'd last week. Reminded person of me (though I've not been blonde for many years).

AB said...

I expect full reportage, video, & color commentary, S.

Angie Muresan said...

I am positive that whatever it is you'll wear, you will look fabulous!

ArtSparker said...

Are you going to the Sanity/Fear march later this month?

Giulia said...

ArtSparker Susan--

I think I'll have to. I received an wonderfully eccentric English concoction for my birthday last week--an Alice in Wonderland hairband/bow. (I'll post it tomorrow.) I just might have to wear it. The video camera I borrowed for yesterday didn't work--shriek. Must find out what's up with it & take video at Sanity/Fear march. Perhaps you'll be inspired to make something in honor of the march + Hallowe'en?