Sunday, October 17, 2010

Making an Exit

Every exit is an entrance somewhere else.--Tom Stoppard

Making an exit, planned or not, is almost always an option. Hold your head high while doing so. If you are pulled together with flattering lipstick & comfortable (but pretty!) shoes, it really helps. Armor thyself. Do not run away as if on fire. (Unless being chased by a lunatic. If you are on fire, believe me, you have other things to worry about. Remember: stop, drop, & roll.)

I've slunk through bookshop & library shelves, wound around corridors, exiting through a catering area more than once. Yes, I was on the ground. Once I crawled out of a club on my hands & knees through the kitchen. (I no longer do these things.) This is in response to a friend who told me that he cannot attend an event because of someone's possible appearance. But I've done the same, so I can't wag my finger at him. (I did not advise him to wear lipstick, no.)

(I'm turning off comments for this post only to relieve people from feeling imposed upon to make them.) OK, pressure's on. Just opened the comments.

(photograph via AMC of Joan/Christina Hendricks because she's putting on her armor here; plus, I can't see the finale of Mad Men until it downloads on iTunes tomorrow - mimph)


simon said...

I never feel pressured to make comments. If I did feel like making them I wouldn't.

Strange exits? Um... I will have to think... ;o)

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Can't think of any strange exits right now.. but i do recall some very strange entrances... will tell you about them anon.. xxx Julie

Giulia said...

Simon & Julie--OK, I thought about it last night. "Entrances" is a good one, too. For instance, I had arms full of flowers, heaps of them, for a holiday--probably Easter. I stopped at a library I used attached to a small museum & gardens--Dumbarton Oaks--here in DC. Visiting art history professor on whom I had huge, huge crush (& he was thinking about it, everyone could tell -- but me) who had arranged for me to use their amazing library...came up & was about to say something. I tripped & fell face first, flowers flying. I wasn't hurt but it looked cinematic (someone's words nearby). The rest is for another time, but now that's an entrance.

simon said...

oops! I have had an exit! I bought fish and chips, (at a fish and chip shop of course!), and as I received the package I realised I was running late and ran out fo the shop. Only I didnt.

I ran straight into the glass window, bounced off with fish and chips flying everywhere... the shop owner then chucked a mental 'cause he had to clean it all up..

I walked out without lunch and my dignity in tatters!!!

So I can imagine how you felt when you made your entrance!