Friday, October 29, 2010

Week's End - Off-Leash

You do have a leash, as a writer. You're holding a dog. The great excitement is to see what happens if you let the whole thing go. And the dog or the character really runs about, bites everyone in sight, jumps up trees, falls into lakes, gets wet, and you let that happen. That's the excitement of writing plays.--Harold Pinter

Before I let it fly (maybe, probably, next week) I have to clean up the blog templates, work on headers, get legal advice (kidding). I have to finalize plans to meet up with Ralliers for Sanity (not kidding). I...uh. I'll stop there. Back later.

OK, I'm back. For a minute. I have to post my vote. Have you voted if you're eligible? Oh dude,* if you don't & start complaining on 3 November about Teabaggery...I will so not be there/here for you. (*Pops out of my mouth with a disturbing naturalness.)

Some fun: Mad Men Yourself. Here's my beta-version with a little shout-down to naysayers about political satire rallies. (That newspaper in the hand is rolled up for a teeny light swat.) First they want to call the election before it's held (shrieking curses) & now all manner of pontification about Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert. What do these nincompoops (no, not S&C, I'll fix grammar later) not understand about political satire?

You know what? Tough. Here I go: I've lived here for um, a long time. The media-punditiocy w/knickers-a-twist? They weren't invited, those sniffy twits. And now, in the name of a bit of sympathy (only a bit)...

Once upon a time, a youngish editor stood outside her office door. She railed to her boss about the "media." Her boss kept trying to interrupt. They were both talented interrupters--they had to be. Finally the boss pointed at the younger woman who said What, what? Boss: "I'm pointing at your press pass."

Oh. Gulp. Slink away in manner of humiliated Snoopy.

(Tim Walker photograph via one million sites & counting; silly me via AMC)


Giulia said...

OK. Maybe you don't have early voting, etc. I meant: are you going to...but it's already running amuck--that post. Shall pare it down later. But it does say "off leash" - eh?

AB said...

Let if fly, S. I can hardly wait.

ceecee said...

Ya know we have a guy running for a THIRD term here. Wasn't even voted into the first. Oh the stories we know.
Happy Halloween, Susan.
About Facebook - I'm not doing a personal page but a business page. It's open to the public. Few restrictions. I have lots and lots to say about it...but ya know, they're probably listening.
Have fun!

Angie Muresan said...

Well, of course I've voted already! I have to do all within my power to keep the Teabaggers away.

lettuce said...

i love that top photo!

wishing the rally success

Diane said...

Great vintage Halloween postcards, Giulia! Lucky you and the "Luncheon".

Have a wonderful Halloween, hope your election results aren't too scary!

anythinggoeshere said...

Remember when it was all the liberal media...... according to the Republicans? What happened to them? A certain Australian, heh?

I voted! Joan