Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Would Oscar Do?

I like to think he'd wear purple anyway. That he would use his wit to punch holes in bullies. But the thing is, though he'd be an expert spoke-person for gay rights, we know what happened to him. So it isn't enough to leave it to our gay friends, family, & colleagues to counter this backward trend.

I freak out on behalf of friends in certain countries, especially in Africa & the Middle East about this issue. And then,whoa, there were anti-gay riots in Europe recently.

So it's up to everyone to help stop bullying. For those in other countries who might not know, here in the States bullying of all kids is an ongoing problem & statistics indicate that it's getting worse. The most vulnerable of all are self-identified (or other-people identified) LGBTQ youth. There have been several recent suicides connected to the heinous behavior of bullying.

I'm rushing to get this posted but I am wearing purple plaid pj bottoms (you don't want to know more, I assure you) & I hope that counts. Go to Bleeding Espresso for better links. (Or Think of Oscar. Think of all the gay & lesbian icons we (straight) folks revere. The writers, the artists, poets, etc. More anon.


Vanessa said...

Oscar wilde apparently has a coat with a cello design at the back to show off his fine physique and I've always wanted one myself. He's such a hero of mine with is wit and brilliance and courage to be different. We need to defend the right to be ourselves.

AB said...

Thanks, S. You know what's going on here in Uganda. Onward. Cheers to you.

simon said...

Bullying- is one of the most repulsive human acts. Bullying someone because they are "different"

My eldest son was bullied contiuously during school because he has a mental health issue...we were lucky we did not "lose" him as so often happens.

He is 24 now and still suffers from his experience. :o/

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Susan
I totally agree.. in fact it should be a non-event.. but people will find any difference to target another... Insecurities breed this behaviour... Acceptance of gays is possibly better here in Aus.. but still a long way to go... xxx Julie

Brian Miller said... about synchronicity...seems this is on the mind of many today...bullying for any

secret, fragile skies said...

Bravo...perfect post. There is too much backward momentum not enough whimsy. Crazy. Purple today it is.

secret, fragile skies said...

from the gorgeous blog:

"what a mess we are, i thought.
but this is where any hope of improvement begins -
acknowledging the mess."
- anne lamott

you are a constant presence to that.

Giulia said...

Vanessa--I must track down Oscar's cello-decorated coat. (Well, a photo.) I agree with you but also my thing is we have to defend others' rights as well.

AB--Yes. More in email.

Simon--I'm so sorry that your son was bullied. Of course I agree that it's horrible for everyone. These last weeks (& this particular Wed) was a day to shine a light on gay youth.

Julie--I don't even know how things stand in Australia. Esp. with the military & young people. Curious.

Brian--thank you...everyone should go read Brian's poem (on his blog).

Secret Fragile Skies--Yes, the flux is frightening. I just read an article (I think in the new NYorker--look I already forgot where & it's only 11.15am - sigh) that was rather hopeful. I'll find the link & put it up. The mag is in my bedroom. And I love Diana's blog. Agree with Annie. Utterly.

I've spent nearly my whole life confounding bullies. Mostly on behalf of other people. I grew up with a parent who was/is one & as the eldest of four, it was up to me. So I knew early in life what it was all about. That's all I'll say here. For now.

Angie Muresan said...

I believe bullying is on the rise in the States, as well. The tea baggers aren't good news to the future of this country and our children.