Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Every Leaf a Flower

Camus' view of autumn--Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. How very cheerful, really. (I won't hold that against him, though I'm beyond crabby.) It's still mostly green here, the odd yellow leaf blowing past. This beautiful photograph uses the Orton effect (see here) & was taken in Germany by the generous Olga. I was going to sneak political & social commentary in but Arts & Letters Daily is not making it easy. (I saw something interesting & cannot access it within the minutes I allow self to do this sort of thing.) Oh well. I can whip up & fold in sneaky links any time. (You can enjoy the photograph much more on Olga's flickr stream.)

Reminder: Don't forget about
this dress design contest. I cannot stress enough: you just have to have a good idea & sketch a bit. You don't have to sew it, make a pattern, etc. Shabby Apple Dresses, Dare to Design. The competition ends Friday, 15 October. Then we'll vote.


simon said...

I have a japanese caligraphy quote " To each weed a flower, and lovliness"

I think its fantastic...

Brian Miller said... that view of fall...its my fav time of year...

Mary-Laure said...

What a divine quote. I read it slowly and when its truth and beauty bloomed in my mind... I smiled.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Susan
I think I need to spend autumn somewhere different next year,... Sydney does not do this season well..

this photo is glorious...I must check out the Orton effect now.. thanks for the links.. hope all is well!!!! xxx Julie

Giulia said...

Simon--New to me & I like it. That is lovely. You tell me something new (new to me, anyway) ever time you visit. I love it. It's going to be so long, I fear, before I can get to Australia.

Brian--Camus, yes. I love autumn, too, but have always dreaded the (deep) winter. I want it to last for about 2 weeks at the holidays & that is it! Camus dreaded it & hated the cold as well (Algerian, after all). It made his frail health even worse. So, I think his ability to see the beauty in it, even though the dreaded winter was on its way is quite touching.

Mary-Laure--Now here, people, is another admirer of Camus as writer & philosopher. I wonder, Mary-Laure, what you think of my reading (too much?) into the quote.

Julie--I'm curious now (again) to see how this goes in Sydney. I imagine that it's not as colorful (though you do have those glorious colors in birds, tree flowers, etc.). One needs that combination of rain/cold snap to induce it. Jeez, I forget the whole thing. But we don't have the blazing glory that I grew up with in the north. I sort of grasp & lean into every flaming red maple I espy on bus/train rides. I suspect if I made a leaf-peeping tour, I'd keep gushing about it so much that fellow travellers would gag me. I read about this cool train that goes from near here up through upstate NY & Connecticut. I clipped it out & hope for next year.

Orton effect...I only read about it because of people like Olga (who took the photo).


simon said...

you are welcome Susan!