Monday, October 18, 2010

Reflections in the Water

Sally of Lettuce-eating posted these abstracts last January (2009) & there was much justified enthusiasm. She bowed to the will of the people: Voilà, they are cards. Yours are at Made4Aid's new Etsy shop. No shipping fee, no kidding. Even if you can't buy right now, it would do no small amount of good to "favorite" the shop (or some items you like). I loved Made4Aid auctions last year, but this will be easier for those who did not. (Wusses!)

I'm meandering about & muttering to the cat. About to go say hello to Hazel, who is back from Paris. Thinking about the Mad Men season finale (& whole series) & wondering why people use the term 'soap opera' about it. I had to bite my tongue overhearing people on the Metro. Apparently they grew up in a utopia starring Glinda the Good Witch as Queen. Many of these naifs have discovered Basket of Kisses (my preferred MM blog) recently. Man, I hope I didn't send them over there.

I'll take the "no comments" off of yesterday's post in case anyone wants to spill their guts about exciting exits. Extra points if you think it's funny now. You will receive much empathy if you do not think it funny--ever. (photograph by liquid sunny sky via deviantArt; collage made from Made4Aid images)


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Love the abstracts and missed the previous post so will pop over now to check it out... ciao from a rainy spring day in Sydney.. xxx Julie

Emily said...

We're behind here with Mad Men so I don't want to read about any finales. I love the quote from Leonard Cohen you've used at the top; I saw him in concert a few years ago and loved it when he sang this song. The pictures make me dream and I'd love to that girl standing on the beach.

The Clever Pup said...

GG is very Withnail and I today. Uncle Monty only displays vegetables because flowers are whores for the bees. Thanks for all the shout-outs lately.

Giulia said...

Julie--thanks...those abstracts from Sally are stunning esp. on her blog (they're in large format).

Vanessa--I'm definitely keeping my big mouth shut about MM. Friends in UK, France, & Germany (just a for instance) are a bit behind, too. I'd like to be that woman on the beach, too. And I keep thinking: I need rain/water boots.(I do. Last fall/winter my feet were wet all the time. That's what happens with 17-year old boots. Wah.)

Hazel--You made me lol & glad I didn't have coffee cup to my lips. I think I wrote you an email but will say again here, some days later, that I either forgot or didn't remember about Uncle Monty. So funny. I must see if I can find a clip...enjoying your Paris Notebook so much & that Pup in Paris is mighty cute.