Friday, November 5, 2010

Week's End - Walkies

I just watched a video taken while trying to figure out the web camera.* No, I did not know it was recording. I leave for a while, come back with braids undone, wearing a big scarf, coat, & red lipstick. Julie hops up & looks in the lens. Then more of me looking puzzled, biting my lip (stop it!), sighing & rolling my eyes (yes, at me). Score by Bach. No, I am not embedding it here. Julie neglected to take a photo of herself...she just fought me while I held her up to the camera...then proceeded to have an asthma attack. Guilt. I'm going for a walk.

*But, you say...that photo of you & Julie during the snowpocalypse in February, you knew how to take a web shot. Um. I recently realized that it's all fuzzled because I hadn't taken off the, um, protective film.

(plaid coat by laura trevey via rachel follet/lovely clusters)


Giulia said...

No, I do not know why all my photographs have disappeared. If it is not fixed before long, I will have a complete breakdown. 4.47pm EDT

Vanessa said...

Aw, don't feel bad. It can be frustrating with technology I know but I'm the biggest dunce of all. Dare I admit to never having used a webcam? Hope you have a nice weekend.

Diane said...

hi - now your status pic here has some context for the blurr (I mean the link to the older post).

always beautiful, your photographs. I am certain they will reappear.

simon said...

haahaa! Well, i read this whilst dressed in a suit pretending to be interested at an auction, using my phone.. You forgot the protective film!! :0) its the sort of thing i would do/have done. ...

Julie@beingRUBY said...

hehehehe.. the protective film!!! hhehehehe
I shouldn't tell you what I STILL have the protective film on... [poor mac in the box!!]..... my brother thinks I am nuts!!! no wonder i am going blind slowly!!! hahaha

Have fun!!! ciao xxxx Julie

Giulia said...

Thanks, Diane. It all set right. But I can only imagine, in my nightmare(s), what it would be like to take CDs full of pix & to redo GG's 3 year old blog & this mess here. "Go to the cloud" my big butt. (excusez-moi)

Simon--well, I'm in good company then.

Julie--The Mac is still in the box!? Oh my lord. If I had the $ I'd fly there & unpack it myself. Well, first I'd say: hey let's go out on the town.

You should have heard me when I figured it out about the plastic over the camera. I didn't know I knew that combo o' words. I blame it on all the Navy people -- American & Brit -- I've known. xo