Wednesday, November 3, 2010

American Idiot

Billie Joe Armstrong was inspired to write the song after hearing the Lynyrd Skynyrd song "That's How I Like It" on his car radio. Said Armstrong, "It was like, I'm proud to be a redneck and I was like, oh my God, why would you be proud of something like that? This is exactly what I'm against."

Here's the link to the Diane Rehm show. Andy Kohut offered up a detailed reading of the entrails, but after above I blew a fuse. While I was changing it, more people said more stuff. Check the transcript.

Amongst my fuming points: the press (particularly lazee teevee peeps) sat back & watched the Republicans take pot shots at Obama et al & did not follow up with hard, smart questions. The reason I know they're not so smart is because--as Stephen Fry wrote/said about government administrators in UK--"they are the people you sat next to in school..." BTW, the new Republican mantra is "The President still sets the agenda." You know what that means, right?

Some Mad Men Yourself images (I can't turn off the jazzy music. Your computer hasn't gone mad, just be forewarned). French FB group started posting some very nice photographs...there was my leetle self. When the world was in the midst of another awful economic upheaval. It never occurred to me not to vote, even if overseas. I registered before I left & made an absentee ballot request. No computers, no American expat groups (near me anyway), etc. No, I was not preternaturally prepared, either. I was 17. Apparently many younger people couldn't be bothered to haul their heinies to vote yesterday. Wow.

Back to regular programming of research effluvia soon...

Update - one thing that keeps me laughing lately is this cat adoption site in Washington State. The woman who writes/photographs these kittens she fosters, she's hilarious. Here's the latest "Tell Us How You Really Feel, Mimsey." I feel like Mimsey, today.


Giulia said...

No complaining about Stephen Fry's recent silly statement about women...if he did even say it. He is not known for being a bigot or a sexist. We all screw up.

AB said...

Are we going to see some of these photos from France?

Condolences on the vote. It's confusing to those of us who visit the States but aren't American. It's like wanting two things at the same time.

simon said...

wot did he say??? wot did he say??? sometimes its good to throw in a line and watch the reaction!! I do it ALL the time then walkaway from all the confusion and smoke and dust... ahahahah! ;o)

Giulia said...

AB--Thanks. I sent you an email. About the pix, I don't know. Don't know how interesting they would be, really. But also they aren't mine...I might ask my friend what she thinks. She's busy actually working in UK, so we'll see next week.

Simon--oh poor Stephen. He didn't say anything but was taken utterly out of context & he was being silly-on-purpose. It's as I thought, really. Which is why I wrote "if he even said it." About women.

I just this moment finished reading a new post he wrote. I'll link to it on the weekend. He was misquoted & then apparently a gazillion people sent him stuff about it that he didn't want to see. I so know what he means. "Hey, so & so. You know how you told me you DON'T want to see rubbish written about you? Well, I thought maybe you didn't mean it, so here, look..." Groan.

simon said...

i see