Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mnemosyne/November, 1967

"A previously unseen work by Dante Gabriel Rossetti is to go on show at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery next year." BBC


Dr. Zhivago was playing at the Paramount
Theater in St. Cloud. That afternoon,
we went into Russia,

and when we came out, the snow
was falling—the same snow
that fell in Moscow.

The sky had turned black velvet.
We'd been through the Revolution
and the frozen winters.--rest of
November, 1967

If I seem overly-reliant on the BBC website lately--what can I say? Guilty. That it's about Mnemosyne (Memory) makes it even better. Here's a link to the Delaware Museum of Art's Pre-Raphaelite Collection where the Rossetti painting is currently on view. (It's in a private collection.) I would love to see the new exhibit in January titled The Poetry of Drawing. (Here's the Birmingham Pre-Raphaelite Collection link.)

The poem because no less than 4 people emailed to ask, did you hear/read that poem on Writer's Almanac? (It was a few days ago.)

That's not a photo of Mnemosyne. It appears to be Tim Walker's take on Ophelia. I like the pearlized gray folds in the gown. (I most certainly do not identify with Ophelia, so let's nip that one in the bud.)

(photograph via Vogue Italia)


Vanessa said...

Hey, I can go to this exhibition as it's close to where my parents live. Nothing wrong with using the BBC website when you get information about things like this. What a beautiful picture and I love the poem. I remember reading Zhivago as a student at university about 10 years ago in a large park, feeling melancholy.

jane said...

I absolutely LOVE the writer's almanac! It arrives in my email inbox at 0647 or so each morning and I read it just before I get out of bed. I actually set my alarm clock to enable me to do this - ! Not only is it inspiring, I learn so much from it. WHo knew that Martin Scorsese went to seminary?! I loved that poem too - am actually reading Dr Zhivago at the moment! Not loving it but that's rather beside the point... the poem was beautiful and I'm happy to read it again!

I love Tim Walker - have a poster of one of his photos on my bedroom wall, I love it.

New drawing would be lovely to see and that exhibition sounds FAB - in fact I never even knew that collection existed in Birmingham!

Thank you for the morning inspiration :)

simon said...

Dr Zhivago......(sigh)

Katharine said...

I loved that poem when I listened to the podcast. Of course, Tim Walker is a big favorite and I have never ever thought of you as the Ophelia type. Dr. Zhivago. I never read it and feel inadequate now. But of course, I loved the original movie. Not so sure about the BBC remake. (Or at least it was shown on the BBC)


Giulia said...

Vanessa-Oh, I'm so glad you'll go. I hope to read about it on Coffee and pie. Melancholy, in a park, Dr. Z. Oh my. It sounds so romantic but it doesn't feel that way, eh?

Jane--Wow, you are dedicated. I think we should all let Garrison know about this.:) About not knowing things...I didn't know about the not-too-far away Delaware collection. So. Oh well, we can't know everything, right? I wonder which photo of Tim W's you have on your wall? I'll have to visit & ask. And frankly, Dr. Z. is not Pasternak's best writing...that's why I don't feel guilty for not reading it again. I just watch the film.

And that brings us to Simon - it's rare to hear a man 'sigh' over Zhivago, so much appreciated. :)

(Though I must say I've watched it with gentlemen who get a big sniffy & have to suddenly go to the men's room...hmmm.)