Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Keep the Peace on Thanksgiving

...are you fighting yet? Wait a few's early. If someone is getting on your nerves, picking a fight, get outta there. I mean out of the house/apt. Even if it's your place. Take a walk & look for materials to make centerpieces, wreaths, swags, or little art installations. If you come up short on the flower-y/greenery/berry front head on to a market. Most of them have floral foam & wire if you want to make a more formal centerpiece arrangement. (Beg for a little bit of foam or wire, if that's what you really want. Of course, offer to pay.)

I saw some pretty Lady apples, Seckel pears, & teeny white pumpkins a few days ago for little money. Arrange on large platter or plate (runner/large placemat/tablecloth/pillowcase), tuck in sprigs of holly (or pine) the neighbor gave you, search your cupboards for a bag of whole nuts that are now, I assure you, stale. Arrange.

Personally, I like Emily Thompson's delicate wreaths & have made similar for years & endured teasing by unimaginative people with scads of cash. A dangerous combination. If all else fails, garland thyself. A crown implies power beyond words. Most people are not going to pick on someone wearing a crown (it would seem especially in America from all the breathless Royal Wedding Reports on the evening news). All of these ideas work for any holiday, in any country. But for fellow Americans & their guests, a special happy Thanksgiving from Julie the Cat & her obedient servant.

Here's the link to Design*Sponge labels Thanksgiving & flowers. (images via Design*Sponge)


simon said...

I could not agree more! A good walk is brilliant too!

AB said...

Happy Thanksgiving. And have a good walk:)

Brian Miller said...

smiles...hope you are having a wonderful thanksgiving!

Becky said...

Beautiful flowers / garlands. Don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in England, but these will be providing inspiration for Christmas. Especially love the simplicity of the central image.

Giulia said...


AB--Thanks & keep in touch.

Brian--smiles as in "sound familiar"? :)

Becky--I love that wreath, too. And to think I was made fun of for years for such simplicity. I don't begrudge Emily Thompson a living--at all--but I will make my own. Nearly anything "Thanksgiving" doubles as holiday duty. In my world, anyway. I'm not sure if you rec'd snow as the north did...will have to check. xo