Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rose Hips

I already had the title last week & was going to show rose hips that I'd swiped. Too late, they're through the chipper. I decided to keep the title because I'm silly. I like this sewing tutorial idea/tutorial. I won't be wearing it anytime soon but I would have done, definitely, in the not too-distant past. And there would have been whispers of 'oh I wish I could do that but I don't have the nerve." That is not nerve. You know what nerve is? Wading into the deep waters of war & "conflict" zones. (My friend Susan has nerve.)

If you don't want to wear a big ol' bow around the waist, understood. Here's a cool way to jazz up your coat collar via genius Caitlin at Colette Patterns. It's quite clever & if I didn't already have something similar, I'd do it in a jiff. (OK, lots of swearing & a long day's journey into night). It's a reminder of stylish women who made do in eras past--& wow, they looked better than most of us today. I am convinced of this.

In a rush this week & working on GG blog matters. I will definitely visit blogs (if I've not already, I think I did a fairly good job of it yesterday) this weekend.

(pink skirt via say yes to hoboken via automatism on Pinterest)


Vanessa said...

God, I wish I could sew. I totally understand the exhileration that you must have being able to create the designs you can't find in the shops in the colours you love. This skirt is gorgeous. Still, as someone who struggles to put a button back on, I have to be realistic (sniff). I have the removable fur collar though and it's funny because I'd always said I didn't like fake fur (or real either of course!) on coats, then my Mum bought me one last year and I feel like something out of a Russian novel wearing it when the temperatures drop. I agree with you about past elegance - they sure knew how to make an entrance.

simon said...

wading into war zones to get at the truth is the key for sure and that takes a lot of nerve, because most of us "cant handle the truth"

Sophie said...

I love Colette patterns and just bought my first one finally. Not to drive you crazy but it's called 'macaron' - lol.

Did you see the pillow with bow also on the tutorial? I'm thinking of doing this.


Giulia said...

Vanessa--I'm so glad you have the coat. I miss my "Russian novel" coat & cannot figure out why I don't. I finally saw a photograph of me wearing it in France & it only made me go nuts looking on resale sites. Wow, they were priced so high & not near the quality. So that's my "sniff." About the skirt & sewing...I'm still in gearing up mode & now not feeling very well so it's going to have to wait. But I am glad that I learned. Never as good as my mother, though.

Simon--hmmm. I can handle the truth. Maybe that's my problem. :)

Sophie--I did see the pillow bow DIY & I think that's one I could actually do w/out hysterics. I loved it. I did laugh at the Colette pattern 'macaron' - it's pretty, it's just that the pastry item itself, as you indicate, overdone. I hope we'll see a photo of you wearing it when done?