Saturday, November 20, 2010

Week's End - Noir sur blanc

Fun under $5.00. Download a Beatles song that you somehow do not have & two Françoise Hardy songs. I like her 2010 album La pluie sans parapluie. I was reminded of this when visiting the newish tumblr, le temps perdu, created by blogger friend agelessbeautyalways & secret fragile skies. She connected to a YouTube video of Il est des choses, here. (Noir sur blanc is one of Julie The Cat's favorite songs.)

On FH's beautifully designed website there are some videos & a slide-show of lovely FH photographs by Jean-Marie Périer. These include two with Bob Dylan, who wrote the poem referencing FH for the liner of Another Side of Bob Dylan. Bob--she wasn't interested in you. Men. They are so cheeky & clueless sometimes. (No this doesn't mean you, you.). Abonnez-vous à la newsletter de Françoise Hardy, ici.

What does this have to do with anything? Well, it really doesn't have to be, eh? Playing the Beatles & Françoise has calmed Julie. She's had one long asthma attack since Thursday evening. It's really upsetting.

Busy trying to track down the dust or whatever the offender may be, making bread, visiting fabric, knitting, & other textile blogs & sites. I really like
Kitty Couture by a bilingual Frenchwoman, Isabelle. Her tagline:
No garment is complete without kitty fluff. (If it's going to happen anyway, do as a cat & act like that was the plan all along.)

Giveaways I have seen lately: Cabbages & Roses fabric via Lobster & Swan. She has links to 3 other blogs holding C&R giveaways - all themed to different colors. Leave a comment by 29 November to enter.

Photographs via the website & Annie's Poetic & Chic's Bang Envy series. I still laugh at this (not at her!)...someone stopped me once a day last week: I love your bangs/hair. Why don't they have some cut then? Ooh. I don't think I can. It's what I hear about hats & why people can't wear them. Yes they can.

Once at a fairly large wedding, I was the only person, seriously, to wear a hat. If nothing else, it protected me from the blazing summer sun. Oooh. IloveyourhatIcannotwearthem. Later that summer, I took approx. 15 wedding guests - one at a time - hat shopping. They all looked great.


Sophie said...

Oh. I am behind the times. I love her but did not know of the new album. Off to watch some videos. Thanks! (I entered the one fabric giveaway but neglected to see the other 3,thanks.

Katharine said...

Julie has put Francoise on her site, too. Did you know? Or do you work in concert with la petite chatte? I'm sorry she's had an upswing in the asthma attacks. Sounds awful.

On a brighter note, thank you about the giveaways. I just entered them. Though I don't sew, really, any of them would be welcome gifts to those who do, I think.


secret, fragile skies said...

I guess that e-mail to Giulia was a little early! Should have waited to visit here. Thanks for the mention. I do love her. I do sew. Off to enter. Thanks!

simon said...

I hope Giulia is ok! I always wear hats Too much sun here! oh- I sent you a frog... ;o)

Giulia said...

Sophie-so glad to be of help:) I forgot about the new album actually.

Katharine--Yes, being a copycat, Julie put FH on her site, too. But we do "work" together, as you say. That's great you entered all four giveaways. Julie's attacks are very upsetting for everyone. Don't know what to do.

Secret, Fragile Skies--Thanks for your inspiring tumblr. Glad to hear you'll enter the giveaways. (I type this on Tuesday, 23 Nov. oof, so behind)

Simon--Thanks for the adorable tree frog. So cute. Maybe he should be featured on your blog? (maybe he was & I missed it:(

Angie Muresan said...

I have not been aware that there's a new Francoise Hardy album out. MUST get it. I just adore her.

Susan said...

Angie--I think you will love it. I was so happy to read your comment. If you go to FH website, you can hear more clips, longer than iTunes snip. And there are rotating videos from the album, too.