Friday, November 5, 2010

Jill Clayburgh

I was just beginning to write about Jill Clayburgh, Alan Bates, & An Unmarried Woman & was startled to see that she died today at her home in Connecticut . Condolences to her husband, playwright David Rabe, & daughter, actress Lily Rabe. The film was made at a difficult time in NYC (& indeed everywhere) but I recently told someone - while her character may be well-to-do, she meets many people who are not. I knew people who lived in Manhattan then & visited fairly often. They wouldn't be able to live there now under the same circumstances. You know what? We were more grown up back then, somehow.

I recall seeing it alone & then Pied Piperette-style, leading about a dozen friends & their friends to see it. I was the only one (if I recall correctly--they'll let me know) who argued vigorously on behalf of the ending. Watch the DVD again (or for the first time). Jill-as-Erica (& on her own, too) is utterly charming & touching.

Listen to Paul Mazursky's commentary about making it, New York then & when he was growing up, where he met his wife, etc. He's quite wry & amusing in his remembrances. (Also for Last Stop, Greenwich Village.)

(images via sfgate(dot)com & Saatchi Online), it pains me not to have a good solo photo -- the irony -- from the film but there aren't many good ones around--at short notice.)


Julie@beingRUBY said...

How sad.. and a wonderful actress. I admit I haven't seen one of her films in eons.. and cannot remember if I saw Unmarried Woman.. if I did it was too long ago to remember the ending... wonder if it is out on DVD?

Have a fab weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

Vanessa said...

I've never seen this film but would really like to. Alan Bates was something of a local star since he came from Derbyshire like me. Love the clip and so sad Jill died too soon.

Giulia said...

Julie--it is definitely on DVD, I watched it again last winter/early spring for the first time since 1978. The commentary by director Paul Mazursky is very interesting...he grew up in NYC & has lots to say (he is also funny & has a part in the film).

Vanessa--I think you'd really appreciate this...I just looked & it's not available for streaming on Netflix site. It might be on iTunes. I imagine you can rent it in Berlin--right? I'm so confuzzled...for whatever reason, I thought you grew up in Lyon. Alan B. was indeed a Derbyshire lad as you said. He died way too early, too. 2003 I think. I've been thinking about him lately because a friend in England, whom I knew in Strasbourg when we were 18, mentioned the film of Women in Love last weekend. I think we went to see it at an English-language cinema club. I have to hop over & ask her. I wanted to talk to you about Venice posts...will do so via email. xo

simon said...

YOur line..."We were more grown up back then..." reminds me of a song:-

"When we were young,
and truth was paramount,
We were older then,
And we lived our life without any doubt.

Those memories,
They seem so long ago.
What's become of them?
When you feel like this,
I want you to know....
Don't cry....You're not alone

( top song btw)

carina said...

How sad - did not know that she had passed away. Thank you for the wonderful clip:-)