Monday, November 29, 2010

Street Shopping

I cannot take a man seriously if he does not own a real coat. This bothered me way before Mad Men was a twinkle in Matthew Weiner's eye. I'm tired of walking amongst 6' tall toddlers. If you are a Canadian lumberjack (I just looked at Googley-tube Analytics, eek), no offense. You shouldn't be reading this anyway. It's not (or shouldn't be) a class thing. My maternal grandfather was a steelworker & he always wore a coat & hat. If that makes me a cranky whining baby boomer, I do not care.

I've no idea if Paul Newman was left or right-handed but I notice that he's carrying a monogrammed leather portfolio (or notebook?). Here's an Etsy seller with excellent feedback who has a left-handed journal. I'm sure there are vegan alternatives but this isn't a shopping post. It's just a plea for some men (you know who you are) to smarten up. (I saw some wonderful coats at a secondhand thrift recently--no excuses.)

(Gordon Parks for LIFE)


Vanessa said...

Are you left-handed Susan? In any case, thanks for the wonderful photo and consideration. I'm a lefty who's always dreamed of such a journal. Real coats make a man. Did you ever see that film called Metropolitan by Whit Stillman? I absolutely love it and there's a character who doesn't have so much money wearing the thinnest coat in NY in winter. Others ask him if he isn't cold but he always replies, "Oh, but it has a lining." Classic.

Giulia said...

I'm not left-handed, Vanessa, but my mother is. I used to look for left-handed items (scissors, etc) for gifts. I rec'd a little sample of what it can be like, though. I had some trouble knitting a mitten many years ago & asked a handy friend to help.

She kept saying that I had it "backward" & what on earth was I doing, etc. She was not alone in this, "what is this???!" I felt sort of bad & I was angry but needed to finish the mittens for a Christmas gift. Finally, she figured out that I was knitting left-handed. She did apologize for getting so mean about it when I said, "This is how left handed people are treated."

And thank you for the Metropolitan recommendation. I have not seen it & it looks charming. I just popped it into my instant viewing Netflix queue. I love "Oh, but it has a lining." That might've been me at one time.

Susan said...

It occurs to me that I didn't make it clear why I knit left-handed. My mother taught me.

simon said...

I have a fantastic coat called a DRIZABONE...and another dress coat made from Scottish wool. Really beautiful.I dont get much of a chance to wear them as the weather here is usually too nice. But I wore the drizabone on Sunday in the rain whist working outside.

Having said all that you can never take me seriously even with a coat! (lol)

Love Paul Newman and loved him in his last film ( and he loved cars! top guy!)

dulci said...

love this photo!

Anonymous said...

Good post,interesting,bravo.