Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week's End - Capucine in Black & White

NPR just referred to the snowstorm on its way to Washington as "maybe apocalyptic." OK, a news person said it. That's weird (& I hope, incorrect) on so many levels. So, why Capucine? I was thinking about Cortina d'Ampezzo (the reason is too dumb to go into here) & how pretty it is there. The original Pink Panther (Capucine plays Simone Clouseau) has some winter ski scenes & I think they were filmed in Cortina. So maybe it's just that I wish I looked that chic in snow wear. Not sure. Too rattled to think what with an impending snowpocalypse, & so forth. Eek.

Friday afternoon update: OK, here's why I don't watch TV during the day. It's scaring the bleep out of me (thinking power outages, truly would be a disaster). If no week's end by midnight, someone send out a search party of DC bloggers 'cause Julie the Cat & self will be popsicles.

Friday early evening: Power is flickering already & the major blizzard hasn't begun yet. Very bad news. No post tonight. I wish I had Capucine's skis on & I was in Cortina. Click the link & it takes you to a NYTimes article about skiing to restaurants. It was not like that when I was there, I assure you.

Saturday morning update: No power.

Monday update: Julie & I have been in 40 F (or below?) since Friday. No heat for another week. Trying to go somewhere else. Thanks to Julie at Being Ruby & Penney at Just Penney's for msging me. Piggybacking wireless & using a few moments of battery power. I'll have more to say about how angry & upset I am soon. Meanwhile, check on your neighbors, OK? It's not all snowball fights at Dupont Circle. It's a true disaster for many people.

Tuesday update: For those who have messaged me. We were rescued by an urbane Arlingtonienne. Julie the Cat & I are in a lovely home, with heat. Upon our arrival, the power went off-- no doubt because I am a jinx. However this house is fully equipped with electric lanterns, enough flashlights for a battalion, & cheerful folks & a darling cat, Hermione, of whom I have written previously. The power came back on a bit ago & we're madly making market lists, charging cell phones, laptops, etc. & will be cooking up a storm before the next one arrives. Later today. With ice & high winds. Yippee. Ciao, mes amis.

[photographer names soon; found on two Blogger blogs: Loose Leaf Tigers & Sanity Fair. Both rather nice names.]


Prippy Handbook said...

As a fellow DC Blogger, I truly appreciate this post. We shall see about snowmageddon!

So glad to have found your blog!

Susan said...

Hey there, PH. I wonder where you are? I shall run over & find out. Always like to hear from folks in the area. xo

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

I hope you don't get hit too hard. I was just talking to my folks on the Jersey shore and they are expecting it to be really bad. I'll be thinking of you. Stay warm.


Giulia said...

OK, well, it's bad. Lost power & have one outlet working which will go any moment. And I use it like this? Yikes.

We're freezing (literally).

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Oh Dear
Well Hope all is well.. you may not see this comment till the apocalypse blows over!!

We're having lots of rain here today and yesterday and the day before.. but that seems quite pleasant as today is the 1st Anniversary of the horrific Black Friday that claimed so many lives in Victoria last year...

Take Care Susan and Giulia xx Julie

Bugger.. no power.. you must be freezing!!

Poetikat said...

SS and GG - So glad to hear you've been rescued! Been meaning to e-mail - yours got lost in my Yahoo box.

Sorry you've had to go through this...luv, Kat