Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Camus on White Roses

The white rose of morning has the fragrance of water and pepper.

That phrase jumped off the page on a recent night of reading; the elegant photograph did the same that next morning. (I really must purchase some goggles.) I have photographs of vases of white roses--somewhere. Soon, I shall have to hold things up to be captured by the laptop web camera. Sigh. On that note, I'm dragging, really. But must drag self out into the snow & across town to attend to the dead keratin sprouting from my head. [photograph by elseachelsea via we heart it]


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Susan
Well i find that image very relaxing.. I love white linen and it looks so soothing it might even be enough to cure my insomnia!!! Good luck with those tresses. Mine have been neglected for so long.....!!! xx Julie

Susan said...

Julie--neglecting your tresses? This is heresy! I shall hound you. But on your blog:)


Helen said...

Have you read Camus, A Romance? I loved it. Love the photograph, so pretty. Getting ready for the storm, now.

Susan said...

Yes, I have. I loved it. Inspired me to reread Camus' journalism pieces, esp. on Algeria.