Saturday, January 30, 2010

Week's End - Bird in Jerusalem

From the landscape of endless argument* The neck ribbon diverts one's attention from those talons. Someone needs a manicure. Forgive the pedestrian nature of titles, no words. Perhaps I've used this photograph in another post here. Seem to have wrenched something (not just my brain). Ouch.

Cheers from snowy DC. I wonder what everyone is up to...I shall visit after watching Georgetown v. Duke. (Yes, I watch college basketball.)

*I'm quoting myself (!) & I can't find magazine to scan. Yes, this is called self-sabotage, though it hardly seems important. Today.

Update on Tuesday, 2 February - hibernating but will post suitable photograph when I have energy to find it. Meanwhile, happy groundhog day.


Julie@beingRUBY said...

haha If you can't quote yourself then who else I ask???

Funny little bird.. you are right about the talons!!
Have a great weekend... xx Julie

Susan said...

Thanks, Julie. I'm kind of in a fog. But hoping to perk up on what is an early Sunday evening...watching the conclusion of new "Emma"...escape:)