Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Pity, We Were Such a Good Invention*

"We even flew a little."* Yehuda Amichai

Still not up & about much but I'm tiring of the cute lamb. Sorry little lamb. Trying to ignore all the pundits who are pre-judging the SOTUS tonight. Plus bizarro tea-baggers are acting up nearby. Ugh. Should have put up something about birds of prey. (Though the poem, which is not linked here due to copyright, is not about birds. You know what poets are like. So irritating.)

Please vote for Liberty London Girl in the Tenth Annual Weblog Awards. She's the only one I nominated who made the finals. I nominated many blogs on my list/links in the side-bar & am mightily peeved that Being Ruby (Australia), The Clever Pup, & automatism (both Canadian) did not make final nominations. Fume. Must seize power, somehow, for next year. [Update: also neglected, Cycle Chic from Copenhagen.]

These photographs are from The Real Israel on Blogger. It was discontinued some years ago with little to no explanation; there's another blog of the same title on Wordpress, but I don't see a connection yet. The photographer's name eludes but I am working to find it; there are several photographs of interest (to me). I'm not linking because I don't want (some) of the commenters to come over here. Anything to do with Israel/Palestine brings out, um, passion. And also, might I add, people attribute views to me which are not mine--at all. I'm no apologist for one side or the other. That's putting it mildly.


[birds in Ramat Gan preserve, Israel]


Julie@beingRUBY said...

You're such a sweetheart!! You must be my #1 fan!! ha ha [what was that movie?] Well I've been a bit 'under the weather myself,' too much excitement at the celebration of my nation! Well not really but the fireworks were quite good...

I've been trying to get a photo of a Rosella for you. Then I can send you the Cockatoo, Rosella and a Magpie.. they all sit out in the Jacaranda tree and create havoc! Take care.. xx Julie

Susan said...

Thanks, Julie. I received...Only answering uh 2 days later. I'm so bad at this comment thing.