Friday, January 15, 2010

Week's End - Sicilian Veil

I was in a thrift store, huge place called Value Village, probably looking for vintage coats several years ago. I was taken aback, many yards away, at a stack of National Geographic back issues. It was because of this cover photograph. by the extraordinary William Albert Allard. I've written about it & scanned it ages ago. While I'm trying to help with matters Haitian, feast on this link to a photo gallery.

She's an actress, waiting for her cue. A Greek tragedy. Perfect for Sicily. Check out Andrea Camillieri's detective books (that's so inadequate, he's a genius) about Inspector Montalbano, gourmet/gourmand. Considering the racially-motivated (partially anyway) riots in southern Italy last week, Camillieri has much to say about this subject. (As does author Roberto Saviano, who has been in hiding & under 24-hour police protection since 2006.) Many Italians take offense. This last week they are in shock & dismay at the barbaric behavior. People like to think of Italy as the land of sun & pasta. Not always. To me that's like reducing Frenchwomen to their accessories & scarf-tying techniques. You can't love or know a place or a person without acknowledging the darker side. Period.

I'm really upset & bothered by the lack of mention of Haiti by so many bloggers. There's a phrase I use all the time: worlds collide. It won't kill you to put in a button or a link. I've seen several design blogs do it & it didn't mess up their precious template.

BTW, the long weekend in America is not just for sleeping in & loafing. It's Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday remembrance. "
Oh Susan, don't you have any fun or sense of humor?" Yes I do, yes I have. In fact some people think I'm (one of) the funniest personnes they know in real life. No kidding, really. And if you think I'm just a self-righteous pain in the neck, I'm not, but you are welcome to think whatever you like. Now, I must go lie down. I have a case of the vapors or worse. Seriously.

[photograph via personal scan/William Albert Allard/National Geographic]


Tina Tarnoff said...

I'm also truly bothered by the lack of mention of Haiti by some bloggers, particularly some that have a lot of followers and could raise a bit more people's awarenes. I don't think it would hurt the "theme" of the blog if one day they missed talking about the fireplaces and pretty photos. I thought I was being silly even thinking about it, so I'm glad you mentioned it. xoxo

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Susan
Well inspired by you and others I did put up a post and a button on my sidebar.... I had a few comments so hopefully more will be inspired to pass the word and think of ways they can help..

I'm now feeling a little guilty about my Sicily post too!! huh... Well i hadn't hear of Andrea Camillieri's books but admit I watch the Inspector Montalbano series on SBS when it is aired here ...

Have a good weekend.. xx Julie

lettuce said...

this is an extraordinary picture!

made4aid money is going to Haiti for the next month or so - hoping for some good bids!

Giulia said...

Tina: We talked about this already but wanted a public record to say hooray for you. I never meant you, Julie, or Lettuce, of course.

Lettuce--I'll be highlighting Made4Aid again on GG soon (for the little good it might do, I have no illusions about GG readership...most come by to nick photographs & images (without attribution)...ciao

Terresa said...

Yes...Haiti. I've been mulling it, trying to figure out how in my small world a way to help. Although I have seen quite a few bloggers mention it, including links for donation efforts, etc.

Thanks for the nudge.