Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Apartment Shopping

I'm not really shopping for an apartment or a city townhouse but I wanted to thank Maria Caterina for the adorable gift to Julie (aka Giulia) on behalf of Hermione the Cat. It arrived yesterday. This is the only piece of cat "furniture" I can imagine possessing. It could not be assembled quickly enough to suit the impatient one. As I held up one large cardboard "floor" with a hole in it (see the top of the box), puzzling & swearing (I'm not known for 'assembly required' ability), she took a flying leap off a dresser & gracefully flew through it like a dolphin through a hoop...or a lion through a flaming ring (I object to forcing animals to do this, by the by). I laughed so much that I had to sit down for a while. J. has barely left her city townhouse since then (though she is sleeping next to me now on Sunday afternoon).

I've always wanted to live near The Phillips Collection where I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time. I nearly bought a co-op nearby in the mid-90s & I should have done. Won't make that mistake again. The colorful townhouse photograph is at Logan Circle, though; not terribly far away from the museum & is by OHAD via 20 Awesome Photography Blogs - Washington, DC.

[2nd photograph via]


The Clever Pup said...

Wow - what a nice gift.

Giulia said...

It really is...Julie is just mad about it. She's taken in toys (& a pair of peridot earrings) & is lounging. I can see one ear silhouette.