Friday, December 4, 2009

Week's End - Dachsie Dress

I'm running late. I know I always write that...let me be clear: I am not late for events or people. I'm one of those reformed people who are usually early. (Also, I'm too self-righteously indignant about The Late Bunch. Hence, the label personal character defects.) It's snowing, I'm coordinating a local group's little gift-wrap-for-donation at a bookstore this evening, can't find my snow boots, want to post pictures on both blogs about Tina Tarnoff, see here. And dozens of boring bits, including deadlines. So I play with the time/space continuum by posting this dated Friday, but it is Saturday. Because I can & the earth will remain spinning. If it doesn't, man will I be cheesed off. Because I would've gone to George Clooney's new film. Anyway, real Week's End will come up some time later this weekend & do justice to Tina.

When I saw Mary-Laure's darling dachsund Benjy the Oracle's photograph just now on AUREA, I knew this dress would be perfect for her. (Yes, I see that it's a skirt...that would mess up the alliteration, silly.) The photograph is via busy Jess's myvintagevogue. I maintain that she does not sleep, really. For you dachsund lovers, take a look at Liberty London Girl's hilarious find of a dachsund nativity set.

A rushed adieu....


Liberty London Girl said...

Thanks for the link love! LLGxx

Julie@beingRUBY said...

So I guess it won't help if I tell you it's already Sunday here!!

Have fun... great dress. xx Julie

lettuce said...

that nativity set is hysterical

Susan said...

LLG - thanks for all the great posts...I hope things are going all right in London & countryside.

Julie--I'm so tired that I cannot even figure out what time it is in Sydney. I think it's tomorrow night:)

Letty--I know, I cracked up. LLG's blog has some wonderful dachsund stories as her sister is bossed all over the place by one. In London, actually.