Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Christmas Surprise

Sure hope my mother doesn't see this dreadful photo-from-slide (she didn't see it on GG's site last year). If ratted out by a sister or three, or many nieces, I promise that hideous Christmas-pix-of-past (of you) will appear soon. The uncharacteristically bizarre outfit & coiffure are what happens when moving house two or three days before Christmas (the tree is up, that's the important thing!). I never saw those plaid pants before or after. She was on the spot & is smiling like she's ready to go out for the evening. Dad looks goofy (he always looked goofy in photos; he was usually the photog). I've a fondness for the photo because the surprise was a new neighbor 's appearance as "Santa."

At the least, my mother made sure that her daughter's hair was quickly bow-tied. I think the lesson of the photo is being absolutely delighted when surprised by well-intentioned new neighbors when you have a little girl, one on the way, & have just moved hundreds of miles away from family two days before Christmas & are wearing the most dreadful plaid pants. Good manners.

Off to have my hair made fit (if not beribboned) for festivities.

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Poetikat said...

Sweet photo, Susan! Your dad looks like a charmer and your mother is lovely. You were a cutie-pie!