Thursday, December 17, 2009

Week's End - Lazy Susan, Waiting*

Charge Bikes_Lazy Susan from Charge Bikes on Vimeo.

Friday Evening Update: wild & woolly snowstorm on its way. From the scene in the market (especially dairy & pet food aisles) it seemed people thought an invasion was imminent. Buying a gallon of milk is the last thing on your mind if that's the case. Of course, I was there too, so... Anyway, to satisfy my OCD weekly ending thingies, this shall serve as such until tomorrow sometime. Have a good Friday/Saturday.

I can't resist posting this advert/video seen on
Cycle Chic from Copenhagen, one of my favorite blogs. I hated the words 'lazy' & 'Susan' together when I was younger. This, I don't mind. The photographs are called Waiting* & Frosty. A copy of Waiting* is on the wall by my desk. Expecting snow this weekend.


Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

I love Copenhagen Cycle Chic, too. Love the photos - it's been snowing in London this morning but now the sun's out. Very weird weather. xx

JP said...

Stopped by the gift wrapping table. You are hilarious. (As well as so much prettier than you let on.) Do people who read this thing know? False modesty being a bad thing. As well as being unseemly in DC.

To set the record straight: I never said you were frivolous. We're even now, right?

Merry Christmas

Giulia said...

Top Bird--still in anticipation of big snowfall here tomorrow (or starting late tonight). I'm using as excuse to further delay errands. Even though I walk/Metro everywhere. I grab my excuses where I can. Have been monitoring weather in UK as I have friends there, too. Congratulations on your inclusion on the Top 50 Design blogs...I plan to post on it soon on the GG blog especially. Love Wee Birdy.

Now to JP...EVEN? EVEN? Not even close. Simmering, simmering. lol

Susan said...

Wait a second. "This thing?" Fume. I hope you fall in a snowbank. (But that you don't get too hurt.) (I don't mean Wee Birdy, either.)


lettuce said...

what an odd little video. i'd like to snooze all day. But also, to travel the world on a bike.

hope you enjoy the snow! keep warm!
have a good weekend!

Susan said...

Yes, is is weird. But to see a "Susan" portrayed as not a complete doofus is nice. The name went out of favor & since then...

The snow is shutting down the area. It's really picked up & Metrobus & Metro are shutting down, well, 6 minutes ago.