Thursday, December 17, 2009

Swedish Christmas Kitchen

Congratulations to Lori Langille, Canadian illustrator! Lori's blog automatism was included in the Times (UK) 50 of the World's Best Design blogs yesterday. That calls for an exclamation point. So !!!! for Lori. She was the first person to link to Giulia Geranium (& I didn't know it for months--it never occurred to me that anyone would) & has been so supportive. She's also the creator of the Benevolent Postcard Society project of which I am a proud participant.

This pretty image is from automatism's 2008 24 days of Noël series. Lori was kind enough to "lend" it for the GG blog last Christmas season. It's scanned from her personal Marie Claire Maison collection. Why, oh why, did I give so many of them up?

I had a wonderful 4th grade teacher. She was born in Sweden & remains an inspiration--of style & substance. I was thrilled to attend her Christmas-season wedding. Shopping for a gift, my mother & I decided on a silver teaspoon in Miss B's wedding pattern. That year, Santa had the good sense to leave a Madame Alexander Swedish doll under the tree. If I ever get this place in order, the doll will be part the Christmas decor, as always.

Congratulations again to Lori.


LondonCityMouse said...

Wee Birdy is on the list, too. Don't know if you saw that.

Susan said...

Yes, I did. Thanks, LCM. I'm going to mention it next week.