Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa Baby

Surrounded by the guts of a fake tree (cannot believe I agreed to this). It defies reason. The Tasmanian Devil is tangled in fairy lights & squeals when she is removed from the Fairy Light Beast. Apparently it is feline performance art; I am not amused. She tore up (& ate? I have no idea) part of the (real) wreath. It's freezing in here & it's been a dumb day. Cranking up Santa Baby CD & ignoring all else. Here's a goofy video of Eartha Kitt (with three backup singers) singing the (kinda creepy) song. I cringe, I really do...

[images via GG blog]


Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Susan

Well I think you have the perfect xmas card photo there!!

It is true!! All Julie's are crazy and unique!! Even the kitty cat Julie's

Have a great weekend.. keep dreaming of travel !!! xxx Julie

lettuce said...

ah she is so sweet

Susan said...

I'm so late here, too...but sweet. Grrrr. Yes, this little one is...Julie is a devil! (She is very nice, actually. I talk up her devilishness to enhance her street cred:)