Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The well-reviewed Washington Ballet's Nutcracker has only $85 tickets left. So, a still of Dance of the Snowflakes is as close as I'll get this year (after I made fun of TN forever, serves me right). The photograph is via The Washington Ballet. The snowflake doily photograph is from a DIY design*sponge post. Very clever, old-fashioned, & inexpensive. How easy? With a cat standing on my head? Reportage forthcoming.


Liz said...

Sorry you can't be there. We went & loved it. There's always next year. Or on film?

Susan said...

I tried on Maybe better than nothing but I was distracted. Maybe in a good film theatre like AFI.

I'll be more on the ball next year. Glad you enjoyed.

Sabine said...

So into snowflakes right now! (ballet anyway...) Sabine x