Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Spanish Dancer

Perhaps because stamping my feet & tossing my hair would be oh-so-more-attractive when dressed thusly. Otherwise, I'm just another person in Washington, DC pitching a fit (even if they are for good causes). Who wants to face that? Not me.

The photograph is via we heart it. (There's a winding way back to the original. Will do that tonight.) The papercut is A Night in Seville by Tina Tarnoff of Sylvie Guillem papercut fame; the necklace is the one I could not resist though it is less wearable daily (except I am wearing it under pullovers). The title because it is one of my very favorite songs, ever. I finally downloaded it (& the whole album) because the only version I had was on this thing called a cassette tape--yes, that long ago.

[ papercut & pendant images courtesy of Tina Tarnoff/all rights reserved]


BalletDancer said...

No one commented on this yet? I'm off to the site immediately. I love the pix from Copenhagen Cycle Chic. Love it, too.

Susan said...

Hope you did go to Tina's site & to CCC...both excellent places to take in some loveliness.