Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Girl Effect

I apologize in advance that this lacks cupcakes, cute babies, the WH party crashing twits, fabulous dinner party plans, what-to-buy, gratuitous exclamation points, pink objects, & baby animals. (The Girl Effect website)

I rarely look at Google Analytics. It creeps me out & also points out that more people would rather look at stuff about my dumb life than at the much better (not to mention, cuter) Giulia Geranium blog. So humor me & click on the video. Yes, worlds collide here. Every. Single. Day.

[Domino Cascade photograph]


Joan@anthinggoeshere said...

Right on!!!!!

Susan said...

Thanks for the comment, Joan. Finally got over to your blog...I love the idea of Vintage Christmas Mondays. I don't know if I've time to participate but I will definitely subscribe. xo