Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fields of Gold

Cringing at typing that title but it's what I thought first, second, last. I do have news, though. Last evening I received a lovely necklace ordered from Tina Tarnoff in San Francisco. I was puzzled by the large envelope/package. Opened it...she sent me her gorgeous Sylvie Guillem, No. 3 papercut as a gift. With a sweet note. I'm rarely rendered speechless. Part of me feels guilty (of course) & I feel I should give it away. But I cannot. Am I selfish or what?

Here is Talented Tina's etsy jewellry shop (she also paints & God knows what else). I highly recommend her wonderful blog Thought Patterns. Tina is exhausted as she's setting up for a new exhibit...perhaps as I type this. I want to do right by her, the necklace, & her gift - so I will post on that for the week end.

Here in Washington, President Obama & family hit the switch on the National Christmas Tree this evening. A friend sent me a photo (she thought), but I couldn't find a link to click. Then she rang from the Metro...uh, she lost her DC-cool & forgot to attach the jpeg. Hey, Maria Caterina di Perugia, it's the thought that counts!

[lacy umbrella-parasol via we heart it]


Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Susan
Love Tina's blog.. just popped over on your advice and also had a little peek at your new paper cut.. Lucky You!! She's one clever girl.

Have a great weekend xx Julie

giulia said...

Thanks, Julie. I'm still having frightful attacks of guilt. Fighting it.