Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mediterranean blue arabesques

No time to tell you about Miss Flaming June, today. But I think we need to calm down. All that orange-red. Corine, who is hiding in France is probably still fanning herself & Lord knows what Mme le Pup is doing...running around in her blue kimono, no doubt. OK, I'll stop before I start teasing Beatriz, Penney, & Anna. (So far...I know there are more of you looking in.)

So here's a photo/scan/collage of some azure fabric I bought years ago in...um, well, not on Santorini. Not Crete. Definitely in the Mediterranean, though. It reminds me utterly of Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia but I don't recall buying anything there. So. Not looking around for records. I just love it. If I have to choose a color, this is it.

The block of blue & a totally goofy, messed-up, & perhaps the most unflattering travel pix ever taken of me & not just in Santorini (that's where this is from). I'm trying to dispel my worries of vanity. (My hair is not like this now & I do not wear yellow very well, obviously.) I cannot account for the nail lacquer clash. I'm so picky that I'm picking about not changing my nail lacquer from my initial flight to Athens. I'd bang my head against the keyboard but then the computer really WILL have its threatened nervous breakdown.

I guess I should say: I was recovering from Jerusalem, the loss of so much weight (not intentionally) that it was frightening. (I'd gained about 30 pounds by the time this was taken. And yes, irony, irony because I need to lose weight now--for health reasons, not merely cosmetic.) It was my first trip outside the U.S. in 20 months. Even Greece was a bit close to the MEast for me but I'm compelled. No doubt about it. Get's in the blood & I know that sounds romantic but it's true. No better place for recovery than Santorini. (I was really too weak & tired to go but didn't want to disappoint a friend who was coming with me. I was used to coming & going on my own. In the end, of course, I'm thrilled that I went & will go again. Thank the gods & goddesses that we were in the Med; I could lie down during the day. Friend was in mad dog/Englishman mode & had a difficult first week with the idea of mid-day break. She adjusted. Beautifully.)

I was transfixed by this kitten (he was Mr. Personality which is not evident here) for a few weeks. Visited every day, usually three times a day. I had the adoption almost ready & by that time, the family was so smitten with their kitten...that they asked to break our agreement. What could I say? I cried, I really did. (Not in front of them, they felt so bad but their little girls were now totally in love with this kitten.)

Have a great evening.

Update: Giulia Geranium just received a most welcome visit & comment from Michael of Oia Santorini...a notebook on life in Oia fame.The link to his blog is in the sidebar & also on GG. I'm rushing here. I couldn't have received his welcome comment & hello at a better moment. Unsettling news from friends in Sudan. Must read & respond.

Update #2: Oh I do wish I'd titled it Aegean Arabesques...mimph. Another time.


The Clever Pup said...

Hi Giulia - I think you look lovely.

The picture of me on my "sexy" post is from 2003 so not exactly a good depiction of what's going on with my hair, weight etc.

Have a nice day, eh.

Tina said...

is this you? you're so beautiful!

giulia said...

Oh, Tina. From you & Hazel, high praise indeed. But I put it in because it's one of the worst pix of me ever taken on holiday. But you're both sweet. Right now, I'd love to look this "bad." I feel so awful. There's Pres. Obama....ciao

Penney said...

This pic is so....much better than the one of me in my apron! in a knotted hairball.. You look adorable!!!
xoxox, penney

corine said...

You're looking good. I won't show pictures of me dating from anything pass 1985, kitten or no kitten.