Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The perfect accessory

I just took an unfortunate tour of the blogosphere & feel blah. (It's Tuesday early evening EDT).) On political sites too much, you ask? No. Sleazy gossip sites? For heaven's sake, no. No, no one you know, I doubt it. I'm horrified by it all & therefore by self & wishing I'd shut up. So I'm going to shut up, collect photographs that I like for whatever reason & stick with a few sites I usually frequent. Detox time.

But before I shut up....

..this dress might be rather unflattering, even on Miss Elizabeth, but it sure works with a pocket kitten. Julie still wants to do this but she's no half-pint anymore (she had very long legs as a kitten, though.) Sometimes, when I'm getting ready to leave the apartment, I find her half-smooshed into my big patent bag. Her back legs flooping out, the front two criss-crossed like a bow. Other days, she just goes through my bag looking for stuff she'd like to play with...

This photo is from myvintagevogue's flickstream.


The Clever Pup said...

Liz was so beautiful. The kitty too.

Where is her arm? She can't be that thin.

Today your word verification is "gatte" which is the plural for cats, is it not, in Italian. How very meaningful. Because we have The Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with a kitty in her pocket. Giulia would like that.

giulia said...

Well, she was quite slender then (though there was not a date on the photograph), but it's the 3/4 pose w/one arm/shoulder held back & then one faces camera. Better to show off, in this case, the kitten.

Funny about 'gatte'...the plural is 'gatti' (noun is masculine) but for our purposes, what the heck? 'Gatte' would be the feminine plural, 'Gattina' is female say it's a sign, yes.:)

I was also thinking of one of the Prophet Mohammed's followers who was well-known for carrying a kitten/small cat in the pockets of his robes. At moment, can't remember his name.

Also the Prophet Mohammed loved cats...nice stories about that. I always use it as my trump with Muslim friends who balk at cat/kitten adoption & someone in their family wants one. It's worked more than a few times.

Giulia definitely would like the layers of meaning here re: Maggie the Cat. But I won't pretend here (like I would on GG blog) that she gets it. At moment, I need to pry her out of my purse. I'm not going anywhere right now. Guess she wants to be prepared.