Friday, April 17, 2009

Week's End - Poet's Day

When I last left here, I said I didn't envision myself as Milton Berle. I still don't. There's a funny photograph in the LIFE archives of Uncle Miltie, asleep with a mask on. I was being literal. My sleep mask is navy blue silk, if you must know. Sequin-free. Julie the Cat would surely spend hours prying them off anyway.

Where to begin. Week has been weird, weekend forecasts more of the same. I've tons of beautiful photographs but I cannot bring myself to use them now. Perversely, I have to go with these two wackidoodles.

First, in what state of lunacy/inebriation did a Pond's executive say, "Yes! A nightie-wearing, corsage-sporting gal sitting with a kitten...juxtaposed in front of a photo of the Colosseum....yes yes it's genius!" Perhaps it did sell tons of night cream. Hey, I can't claim it wouldn't work on me...though the Colosseum. Egad. But as a sign of Rome for Americans, sigh, I guess. Perhaps this was from the beginning of the la dolce vita period. I bet that's it. Otherwise, they would've tried a Parisian theme. No way am I "researching" this now. [advert from Jesssica aka myvintagevogue's flickrstream; she has a new website in progress & that is great news.]

Before you say, no ad guy would use "juxtaposed"...yes, they would. Art & literature majors were in that business. My parents had many friends in advertising...all with excellent personal vocabularies. They were terribly ambivalent (or hating) about the business. Wonder what they think of Mad Men. I suspect quite conflicted. As my mother says about the wasn't that Happy.

Second. I know he was a decidedly troubled & difficult man, but we didn't have to put up with it. We (the audience) got the best of him. Peter Sellers in a rare photo (via scan from The Hollywood Cats book, of Catapalooza-in-DC fame). From the British film, The Wrong Box. The text says..."In this comedy about inheritance, Peter Sellers played the mad surgeon Dr. Pratt, his office overrun by kittens. As one cat sits in the surgical bowl, the doctor contemplates the phony death certificate he's just made out for Michael Caine."

Of course, he played a mad surgeon named Pratt...what else?

Off to walk in the warmish DC weather (with my hat on!)...hope it's warm (or warming up) where you are...& I can't help myself. I have to say it, though it's not "mine." You naughty cheeky monkeys!


The Clever Pup said...

I remember that scene! He used a "moggie" to blot the ink. I laughed my ten year old head off at that one.

giulia said...

And I just laughed so loud when I saw moggy (or "moggie") that Julie finally huffed off. I've awakened zee haus-moggie several times today with lol hooting. She's had it. You know things are off-balance when you annoy your own cat. Oh man. A good friend, British, hasn't used the word in so long that I forgot all about it until just now. Thanks. (And thanks fer nuttin' from la giulia) xo

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

the pictures you post are adorable! i especially love the one in this post, and the 'running on empty' post.

victoria thorne said...

thank you, brilliant one. this is pure delight.

giulia said...

Ah, feedback strokes for my silliness...many thanks Mlle. Frou-Frou, Victoria, & of course, the elegant Pup. Anyone who sees this, go to their sites. Enlightenment (la Pup)& beauty (or how to obtain it) thru lovely lingerie-Frou-Frou-style, & gorgeous design from Victoria in San Francisco.