Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Flower Basket

The last three images of all twelve, count'em, twelve that I saved from Domino archives (some people had thousands, lucky devils). The site's shut down but the credits are included in the photograph name. [update; 23 June 2009. No, they're not now]

I wonder if there's a DSM category for "flower madness." If so, I'm a charter member, pre-memory. There are very few photos of me, from tiny to older, where I am not holding some posy. I do remember saying, "Oh please, wait, I must have a flower..." There are stories of my running about, um, without clothing, in neighbors' gardens. My mother had plenty going on in our gardens so it was some sort of flower power tour. Thank God, no one took a photograph of these little forays

Off to hard-cook eggs (it's Friday) & roast some beets. I'll be damned (no offense), if I'm going to pay $4.00 for a tiny bottle of generic red dye. So thank goodness for beets-in-the-fridge. Whatever you're doing/did, hope it's fun & warm(ish). And floral & chocolate-y.


Maverick Malone said...

The pink ones are peonies, right? I absolutely love them! Flowers are always so inspiring to me...:)

xox, mavi

giulia said...

Yes, peonies. I love them, too. My grandmother had tons...they're a flower of my "growing up"...not so much florist flowers. I'd no idea how lucky I was that there were heaps of flowers to be had in gardens, ours, friends, neighbors. Love your tee-shirts, BTW. xo