Sunday, April 19, 2009

On the phone with Ava...

Certain people don't call or return email for weeks & then they call & act bitchy (it counts for the guys, too)...because of the following. "No I cannot TIVO or otherwise tape the show....I really want to see it..." What makes them think all the sudden I have TIVO? All they want to do is bitch about their job (they have one!) or talk about what they bought today. How insensitive can these people get? No, this is not turning into a vent blog. I'm just peeved & no one will look past the photograph anyway. (Which is fine.)

[Update: 22 June 2009 -- I took out some venting. It wasn't good enough. Sadly, there will be more opportunities for 'hey, you don't call for 3-4 months & now I must instantly pay attention? What's up with that?]

This photograph of Ava Gardner is undated; it's from Jessica at myvintagevogue. She's really dedicated. If you're still reading, give her a visit on flickr [update, Jessica has stopped posting at flickr, though you can still access some of her work there. She's now on tumblr -- right sidebar of this site -- & her website will be linked here soon. Just search myvintagevogue & she'll pop up.] . She has a new website in progress & it's shaping up very nicely.]

Off to calm down. Get tissues ready, so on. I'll be back to correct typos & so on anyway. Ach.


Penney said...

Well, I'm still here, and I'm still reading... You'll probably have to throw a grenade at me to rid of me...I just watched the incredible Sendler movie. It was spectacular! I'm sitting quietly...It went deep for me. I can't believe you mentioned it. I'm glad you did. Don't know many that will.. My family..
I hope you have a good sleep. My father used to say,"Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite." Silly..we didn't have bed bugs..maybe we did? Just kidding. I want to hear your laughter..

giulia said...

Thanks, Penney. Groggy even with no good sleep. But since you read this, I won't take out the venting. RE: bed bugs. There was a "bed bug summit" last week! I heard it on NPR so it must be true:)

I've heard over the last 18 months or so that it's become a huge problem in NYC hotels. Fancy ones, too. It doesn't matter the social/income strata. So I guess we better look for little red bites on our legs or something. Euwww.

Going to post a series of images today & tomorrow that have to do with finishing up a writing project.

More later...maybe in email when things calm down. Ciao & thanks for the thoughts.

xo svs

Penney said...

I heard about the bed bugs on the news years ago, and just as you said, this week also. This is aweful, and has been hidden for too long. The prices that people pay for hotels!! I even warned my son before he packed to come home from Korea!!
We have no issues. YEAH!!!! Being a city gal, I don't do bugs, rodents or reptiles too well. EWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!