Monday, April 27, 2009

Too Darn Hot

Oh. My. God. Turned on the a/c (guilt) last night when the apartment thermostat ventured past the 95F mark, into the unknown. As in 100F. Playing Ella singing Too Darn Hot. More of same today. Will post photos to publish but probably not much more. [photograph, Ella sings at Mr. Kelly's nightclub, Chicago, 1958, by Yale Joel/LIFE archives]


Beatriz Kim said...

Ella...such an amazing singer!

Sorry it's so hot. I hope you have plenty of sweet iced tea! Or whatever cold beverage you prefer!

giulia said...

Thanks, B. One more day of this apparent-August-in-April. Personally, I'm a water-iced-coffee-iced-mint-tea & repeat person. I'll visit computer is so hot that the fan is going non-stop. Yikes!