Monday, April 27, 2009

Flaming June in April

Horridly hot here, still. I've a reproduction of this (the original is in the museum in Ponce, Puerto Rico). Interesting story. Too tired to tell it now. (Both why I've got a copy & why the painting ended up in Puerto Rico.) This is really The Clever Pup's area of expertise, though I could do it. Just too darn hot. And Mme. Pup is rolling around on her kitchen floor in a most scandalous manner (we hear). Blimey! By the by, the image is saturated on some sites, bleached out in others. I had my print framed in a red-gold metal & it hangs against a terracotta wall, so it pops quite a lot. (image credit)


The Clever Pup said...

Oh do tell about the painting. I have recovered and I am now up off the floor.

giulia said...

Oh I will. I just think you'd do a better job of it. Heat-addled brain cells here & all. Oh, I hope you don't recover totally. That'd be no fun at all. HL/NW/& HL. Wowsers.

corine said...

The weather here is schizophrenic. One day 80 degrees, the next 55. I'm wearing flipflops and a scarf.

I've always loved this painting. She reminds me of a (red) cat in the sun.

Tina Tarnoff said...

wow, unbelievably lovley, and sexy! is that a breast I see peeping out? :D

Beatriz Kim said...

I absolutely love this painting! Did I say love? I'm in love with this painting! Why don't I have a reproduction!

Sorry slightly dizzy from all the unsleeping lately.

I wish I could procure an air conditioner for you.

Hope things cool down soon!

Anna said...

Oh, I just love this for the flaming thoughts it inspires. To lie about so languidly, consumed by whatever floats into your mind. It would be lovely to have hanging somewhere in the house.

giulia said...

Well, wild things. This hit a chord. I am quite under-the-weather & under-stress. Checking email. I'll be back tonight. Will tell you my Flaming June story then (or in a day or so). To respond to a few comments:

To flip-flop, scarf-wearing Corine (apparently that'll be the case here in a day or so), I like the idea of her being a red cat...I have been accused of same. Delighted

Talented TT: Yep. (Now get working on your sexy blogger award:)

Thanks, Beatriz: I have A/C, just so expensive because of very large windows in old building & my electric bill is already a problem. I broke down last night & put on. Off again now & so it'll be past 90 degrees in here soon. Think of getting yourself a Flaming June. If $ is a problem (it is with me), you can download a good page-size version for personal use (I did years ago but can't find or I'd scan & send to you)& paste into a notebook or file. I'll keep my eye out for it.

To the languidly floating Anna--we all want to know what those thoughts are (but keep them private if you must...posting an image is always a classy way out:) & no one says you can't have a repro hanging somewhere. Or does someone?

One guy who might have been permanent around here was offended by June. She's in the bedroom for heaven's sake. I keep the real nekkid stuff in the living area.

This person thought it was "too girly" for him to sleep in the bedroom. Not for that reason alone (believe me, he's more-than-a-jerk), I said "fine, you don't have to."

And with that, off to lie down. Thanks for commenting. I'm feeling pretty down, I must say, so it was nice to hear from you.
xo Susan

Anonymous said...

Hi. I really like your blog. I have been a follower for a while now. I just started my own- if you like it will you add it to your list? Also, I started collecting pics for my personal use before I started blogging so if you see any you recongize please let me know and I will give credits and link! Thanks, FeeFee

giulia said...

Hi FeeFee...I just subscribed to your feed & I'll look around some more. It looks very pretty. I have a soft spot for nurses (my second sister is one). I'm moving things around on the site but I'll make some more blog additions soon. Thanks for your comment & don't forget to visit Giulia Geranium which is the focus of most of my'll see the thumbnail on the right. GG raises awareness (I hope!) about humanitarian issues, especially with re: to women & children. Ciao & see you soon. Susan